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Astrology for foreign settlement

Astrology for foreign settlement | Astrology for overseas settlement:-Regarding Shani Graha, it is believed that if the planet Saturn wants to become a king or a rank.

In whose birth chart Saturn is in a very good position, Saturn does not cause any particular

harm to him but gives benefits. Those people who have Saturn in a debilitated position in their horoscope, they suffer from Saturn. 

But this loss does not last throughout life, because Dasha and transit are also important in our life. First of all, know that the behavior of any retrograde planet is different from its normal state, and

retrograde and normal planets are considered as one. It should not be believed. 

But here it is also necessary to know that in most of

the cases, the retrograde of a planet does not

make any difference in its auspicious or inauspicious condition in the horoscope, that is, in most cases,

there is no difference in its nature when the planet is retrograde. But there must be some change in his behavior. 

Astrology for overseas settlement,

Here there is a need to understand both nature and behavior. In astrology, detailed information has been given about the nature of each planet and

zodiac (group of constellations as per Astrology for foreign settlement).

Apart from the color, direction, male-female distinction, element, and metal of the planets,

the properties of the signs have also been told. The nature of planets and zodiac signs is fixed. 

Their effect may decrease or increase, but the basic nature never changes. When a planet moves to its debilitated sign, it is believed that the effect of the planet is relatively less in this zodiac and its

maximum in the exalted sign. gives effect. 

Now whether there is an increase or decrease in the effects, there is no change in neither the planet nor the

nature of the zodiac. For example, if Saturn is moving in Virgo at its normal speed, it means that Saturn is moving

from Virgo to Libra, but in retrograde, Saturn starts moving in the opposite direction. 

Astrology for Foreign travel,

Saturn does not move from Virgo to Libra and starts moving from Virgo to Leo, and as soon as this period of

Saturn’s rotation is over, they will again move towards Virgo in their normal speed and direction. Start moving from the zodiac towards Libra. 

All the other planets which move in the curved direction, that is,

all the other planets also behave in the same way. 

That is, his basic nature will remain the same, but there will be a difference in behavior when

Shani is moving in the horoscope, he makes the bodywork hard and does not give food without

removing sweat in whatever work he does, and when he does a hundred, he gets ten. 

Along with this, he also tries his best to break the joint joints of the body, if accommodation is arranged for living,

then instead of getting laborers to work, he makes himself work, then some small

The occupant is able to get the house built when someone takes himself towards the means to do the work,

then the means either get spoiled on time or the means are not available,

suppose someone has to bring goods to build the house. 

Overseas settlement continued,

Bringing the goods, either the means will be spoiled near the house, due to which the goods have to be

brought to the house and the means is also bad or the way is bad, at that time if that

goods are brought from the wages, then that wages should be paid so much. 

Due to which the budget for the construction of the house is failing, due to this greed, one is forced to

carry the goods to the place of building the house itself, after that if Even if some intellect is used,

then some obstacle comes and does his art,

just as someone comes and says that he will get his work done at such a time,

but he himself does not come and does not even allow the work to be done by keeping it in trust. 

That is, this is the work of Margi Shani, in the same way, Margi Shani also acts like a venomous snake,

no one is afraid of a venomous snake, jumping from the wood and holding it with the hand works to

break the body at the same place. 

Retrograde Saturn

Retrograde Saturn works with intelligence as if the person wants to build a house, then he will use

the means with his intellect, first appoint a person, then he will give remuneration for

the work done according to his intelligence, which should be given remuneration.

In his place, he will do some other work with intelligence, so that the remuneration to be

given will start coming and it will also be given, so that he does not have to work hard for

himself and the work is done by the person appointed, in this way the work of the intellect 

Abroad settlement continues,

After using, the person himself does not work hard, he saves money by getting others to work with his intellect,

the form of retrograde Shani is like a poisonous snake[ Astrology for foreign settlement ].

It happens that he does not come in front at first and if he is teased, he also uses his poison and remembers

the person who teased him forever, even for people who work hard through this Saturn. 

But gives his strength to rest and work hard, like when Saturn is retrograde, then the hard-working people also

start doing brain work, and when the retrograde Saturn is retrograde in the horoscope of the people,

then the brain at the place of work. By making a plan to do hard work, it puts you in trouble.

Shani retrograde results for foreign settlement,

When Shani is sitting retrograde as per Astrology for foreign settlement in his own house,

then he throws one round of Saturn in the second phase of Saturn’s age from the place of birth,

which is considered to be thirty-five years abroad, whenever he sends the person to the place of birth. 

And soon after being called back, again forces him to live his life abroad, along with it,

Saturn has a habit that he never does bad to a woman,

he is always a man, and money force on his body. 

The bad effect on the people having the power of intelligence also works to reduce their

strength and degrade their strength in time, the effect the son gives bad to the native in the house,

the same good force the daughter gives to the native,

but retrograde Saturn The daughter of the native is also considered to keep the foreign

environment in respect and practice by staying away from his country, time, and circumstance.