Banquet Hall Online Booking

Banquet hall online booking

Banquet hall online booking

Have a wonderful wedding in a low budget. Indian weddings are very expensive. Whether it is main course lunch or dinner or makeup, you cannot compromise on anything. But now with the help of technology, many people are getting married in less budget without any compromise.

Hire Freelance Wedding Manager

Extravagant wedding expenses can also be avoided by arranging free space. According to him, by hiring a freelance wedding manager and neglecting the event management company, huge expenses can be avoided because companies charge you everything from their office rent and electricity, water bill to staff salary and hence their Cost is high.

Economical Decoration 

White flower decoration is currently in trend. Fresh white flowers are the best for wedding decorations, but within two hours these flowers start looking old. Due to being white, dirty is also quick, so you should decorate your wedding with fake flowers only. If you have to spend thirty thousand rupees on decoration, then you can save eight thousand rupees by bringing fake flowers. You can also save a lot of expenses by doing the clothes and curtains that are installed on the chair and laid on the table in the wedding itself.

Don't buy sherwani, get it tailored

After seeing the cutouts of many magazines, taking advice from friends and relatives, it becomes even more difficult to choose clothes for your wedding day because with the perfect outfit, you have to choose the right color combination. In such a situation, you should dispose of all your shopping in the sale held from October to March. With this, your work will be done very cheap i.e. in half the money.

Your makeup kit

The bride can choose her own products for her makeup. In this way the purchased goods will also remain with him and the goods will be according to his mind. Now since the make-up artist will make up the bride with the goods brought by her, then automatically its fee will be reduced very much. Apart from this, instead of bridal makeup, get party makeup done in your wedding. This will also save your expenses and makeup will be done in very less money. Where you had to spend twenty five thousand rupees, now you will be able to get rid of all the hassles by paying just three thousand rupees for makeup.

Less number of functions

Nowadays, weddings have many functions such as sangeet, haldi, mehendi and receptions. Apart from this, there are also bachelors parties ranging from proposal, celebration party, engagement party and pre wedding cocktail party. All this actually brings a huge burden of expenditure on the family. So in such a situation, if you want to have a traditional, expensive and luxurious Indian wedding, then be smart and spend wisely. To save money on food, you can put high calorie items like cake pops on the menu. With this your guests will eat less and you will also save money. No guest at the wedding eats more than 150 to 200 grams. They just have to provide you with that many calories. In this way you can save huge expenditure on your food.