Online Wedding Hall Booking

online wedding hall booking

Keep these 9 things in mind while getting married! If you are also planning a wedding in a banquet, marriage hall or farmhouse this season, then you have to keep some things in mind. Before booking any marriage hall, farmhouse or banquet hall, you have to take care of some things. If you are preparing to arrange DJ or loudspeakers on the occasion of weddings, then definitely think once.

(1) Playing of DJ and loudspeakers will not be allowed after 10 pm. The maximum sound limit in outdoor has been fixed at 75 decibels.

(2) The data regarding compliance with the rules shall be published at all places where such event or festival is held.

(3) If the maximum limit of voice is violated in any farmhouse, then the police have been directed to take action.

(4) Provision should also be made to collect dry and wet waste separately in dustbins.

(5) It is important to have CCTV installed in important parts of the place to be organized in any function. Its recording should be with the owner of Banquet Hall, Farmhouse.

(6) It is important to display information about the total number of guests and parking space on the main entrance. Fixed parking formula has to be prepared and followed.

(7) Vehicles are not allowed to be parked anywhere on the road other than the parking space.

(8) If these rules are not followed in any banquet hall or farmhouse, then their operation will have to be stopped immediately.

(9) All the state pollution boards have been ordered to follow the above guidelines after talking to the concerned state authority.