Wedding Day Makeup Artist

Wedding day makeup artist

Wedding day makeup artist

No one will look away from you in marriage, Whether it's your wedding or your best friend's, knowing some of the best bridal makeup tips can not only save you from the last minute rush, but also give you Your control over feeling attractive now rests in your hands.. Bridal makeup should be different for every function so that it looks different.

Always keep one thing in mind that when the bride's makeup is done well, then only her photos and videos will be good. If you are going to have a wedding in your house or your friend, then here we will give you some tips about step by step bridal makeup look.

By the way, weddings in India take place at night, even if it is during the day, use products with SPF or sun protection factor at least because on applying them, the face starts shining in the flash of the camera. If you have to apply, apply sunscreen by mixing it with moisturizer instead of foundation. Applying moisturizer will not dry the skin and makeup will not look like dry scabs.

Foundation, mascara, blush, lipstick, etc. should all be waterproof. Otherwise tears and sweat can spoil your hard work. Even the eye lashes glue should be water proof. It is especially better with this if your base makeup is waterproof..

Brides prefer to wear mostly red and maroon lipsticks. To apply it, first give a base on the lips with liquid foundation. This will make your lipstick last longer. After that shape the lips with the help of lip liner and apply lipstick inside it. Finally, apply lip gloss to add shine to the lips.

To disguise the facial black circles, use a quality concealer. Using a concealer with cream texture gives good results. Apply it on the skin with your fingertips. Avoid glowing products or else your face will not look good when the camera flash is shining.

Like foundation, the same shade of blush does not suit everyone. Select a colour that flatters your skin tone and illuminates your face.. If you feel that your blush is fading quickly, apply a primer first. This will make your rouge last for a long time.