Wedding card matter

Today we will learn how to make a wedding card, after that the address of the house and the mobile number, after that the note procession is to be written, after that the name of the bride and groom is to be written after that the name of the parents.

1. The maternal side is called the one who is the brother of the mother of the boy or the girl, they are called maternal uncle, those maternal uncles have to write all the names as many as they are.

2. You have to write the visionary, the names of their entire family will come, as you all know, in the family, you have to write all the names of those people, uncle, aunt, brother, elder brother, younger brother.

3. In the brother-in-law's side, you have to write the names of all the uncle's boys, and you can also write the names of the father's nephews.

4. Jamai Paksha comes in the name of sister / GG and their husband / brother-in-law's name and father's sister in their family, their names will also come but they will have to write Bhuasa and download wedding card file

Wedding card child request

In Sweet Manuhar, the names of small children, girls and boys of their house come and it is written with a beautiful poetry, after that the names of small children are written.