Beauty Parlour Bridal Makeup

Beauty parlour bridal makeup

Beauty parlour bridal makeup

If you are about to become a bride, then keep these things in mind in bridal treatment. Pre-bridal treatment plays a big role in enhancing the beauty. This increases the tightening of the skin and makes it glowing. If you also want a glowing look, then it is important to get pre-bridal done before marriage and pre-bridal treatment plays a big role in enhancing the beauty. This increases the tightening of the skin and makes it glowing. If you also want a glowing look, then it is important to get pre-bridal done before marriage and get ready to shine like the moon.

Take special care of pre-bridal package too

You can pick up the package from your spa and salon a month in advance. But keep in mind that your pre-bridal package includes two facials, two hair spas, two body spas, two manicures and pedicures as well as full body wax, threading, body spas, etc., two days before the wedding. Remember to get waxing, bleaching and eye brows done two or three days before the wedding so that if it causes pimples or rashes, they can get time to heal. Sometimes photos are also taken during the pre-bridal treatment. The advantage of this is that the prospective bride gets an opportunity to analyze the changes in her skin and look. It also helps to know before the wedding what she will look like on the wedding day. The time limit of the package is fixed according to the need and demand. Beauty centers offer packages ranging from 5 days to 2 months. Those who want to take a pre-bridal makeup treatment for two months, they first have to come for the treatment twice in an interval of 15 days in a month. Then the treatment is given twice at an interval of 10 days and then daily for 10 days. If there is enough time then take a package of two months. But those who have less time, they are offered a special package of 5 days, in which daily treatment is given.

Trial makeup is also necessary

After the pre-bridal treatment, at least two days are given for trial makeup. In this, girls are taught to carry heavy lehenga and jewellery, walk up to the stage for the reception, etc. While sitting in the mandap for two to three hours, special tips are also given about how the bride should sit, how to make her feel respect for elders in her eyes. The whole process is very interesting and learning.

Skin care is most important

At the time of marriage, due to the rush of shopping, there is tanning on the face and body. For this, you should get anti tan done one month before marriage. This will eliminate the accumulated tan on your skin and improve the complexion of the skin. You can get chocolate wine polish done about three weeks before the wedding. According to your problem with this, if you have hair on your face, acne, nail problem or if your hair is missing shine, then you should start treatment for all these. Now finally it comes to face polish. Do not take this treatment without getting a skin test done. Whatever beauty products you use at this time, they should all be organic. If you have dark circles, apply an algae mask. If there is tanning on the skin, then get wine dipping polishing done. Pay special attention to cleaning the skin a month before the wedding. If you are working, after returning from office, apply raw milk on the face, arms, hands and neck with a cotton swab and after some time wash hands and mouth with fresh water. Deep cleansers are available in the market, they also clean the skin deeply.

Include waxing in the package

There is also the option of waxing in pre-bridal packages. In such a situation, get waxing done from there. Get waxed at least two-three days before your wedding.

Manicure and Pedicure are also necessary

Some pre-bridal packages have a manicure and a pedicure, some don't. Most of the girls prefer to get manicure, pedicure done from their regular parlor only. But, you should also include it in your pre-bridal package.

Take care of nails

This is the right time to take care of nails and lengthen them. Do not forget to apply moisturizer on hands and feet before sleeping at night. After cleansing and toning, apply a cream containing moisturizer. You can also get nail extensions done a week before the wedding so that if you have allergies, you have time to get your nails removed. Regular manicure and pedicure keeps your hands, feet and nails soft and shiny. Before going to bed, soak your feet in warm salt water to relieve your tiredness. Get bridal nail art done during the makeup on the wedding day. Nowadays, there is a special trend of nail art matching the workmanship of the bride's jewelery and your clothes.

Don't Ignore Bleach

If using bleach for the first time, first test it on a specific area of ​​the skin, as bleach can sometimes cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin. After the test, if there is no negative effect on the skin, then bleach it at least 15 days before the wedding.