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The name of the husband to be written can be written in 5 ways in the mehndi of the bride

Wedding season has started. The girls who are going to tie the knot this year must have started their preparations as well. Especially on the wedding day, they must have already thought about all these things what to wear and how to decorate. But, along with wedding outfits and jewellery, wedding mehndi is also very much craze by girls. It is obvious that this mehndi is special because this mehndi is named after Piya. From the design of this mehndi to writing the husband's name in it, there is a lot of curiosity in the mind of girls. By the way, according to a Hindu ritual, the groom has to find his name among the fine designs of mehndi in the hands of the bride. But, now the trend has changed and instead of harassing her groom, the bride-to-be creates her name in her hands in a designer style. So if you are going to get married, then you should also look at these designs carefully and get your husband's name written in the same designer style.

(1) You can also get the first letter of the husband's name written in your hands. Along with this, you can get the first letter of the husband's name written on one hand and the first letter of your name on the other hand. If you get it written between the heart shaped design on the side of both the palms with your mehndi, then it will look even better. When you join both the hands together, it will be seen in the shape of a very beautiful heart.

(2) In this mehndi design, not only the regular mehndi design, but some religious mantras and symbols have also been added. Even some important dates have also been told in it. You can also get your husband's name written in the middle of all this. Along with this, you can also mention your love story in Mehndi. Let us tell you that if you get mehndi done in this way, then it will not only become a unique design but this mehndi will become memorable for you and your husband. You can also make a symbolic picture of yourself and your future husband in it.

(3) It is not necessary that you should write your husband's name in the palms, you can also get the first letter of your husband's name written on your wrist in a designer style. If you want, you can get your husband written on one hand and the letter of your name on the other. You have to ask your Mehndiwala to use a unique font. So that it doesn't look ordinary.

(4) Mehndi design does not mean that you fill your entire hand with the design. You can also do something unique. And in less design, you can give beautiful style to your mehndi.

You can complete the design of Mehndi by getting the figure of yourself and your groom written and your name written. This design will make your wedding mehndi look very beautiful.

(5) This 5th mehndi design is also very beautiful. You can get it made with any mehndi. You can get your husband and your name written like a slogan in your hands.