Traditional Makeup For Wedding

Traditional Makeup for Wedding

Traditional makeup for wedding 

Do you know what is the best thing in our Indian culture. It is full of many colorful rituals, traditions and customs and these traditions flourish in front of us in the splendid atmosphere of the wedding. There are 29 states in our country and the traditions and customs of marriage in each state are quite unique.

The wedding ceremony in India is a glittering event full of romance and flair. It is like a fairy tale of dreams for two people tying the knot. From sangeet to mehendi, from delicious cuisine to mouth-watering sweets, colorful ambiance, trendy clothes and lavish make-up, weddings in different fronts have a different atmosphere in India. Different rituals and customs are seen, but the bride's makeup is the same in all different state weddings.

With the passage of time, there has also been a revolution in bridal makeup. Gone are the days when women used to go to the local beauty parlor to beautify their wedding day. Today everyone wants to hire a professional for their wedding, who is aware of the latest trends in the market. Completely transform the physique of the face using the best products. Today the fresher to look good and beautiful has increased a lot. Its credit goes to HD photography and videography. There is a lot of beauty today even on social networks.

On the big day, the bride is the centre of attention. Every girl's dream is to look most beautiful in marriage. On the wedding day, the discussion of the bride's costume, jewelry and make-up is on everyone's tongue. Now in such a situation, it is natural that the bride has to bear the most stress on the wedding day. As with everything, the bride is very concerned about her makeup on the wedding day.

Bridal makeup can be divided into 2 broad categories, traditional makeup and modern makeup. In India, the traditional makeup of the bride is the most trend and all the beauty of the bride adorns her head. Brides in weddings often resort to traditional makeup to look their best, beautiful, luxurious and amazing. However, to bring a classical look, the entire process has to be followed. In this, all make-up is done for the face, eyes and lips. In this, every makeup adds to the bridal look.

Gradually, modern makeup has crossed the boundaries of western countries and reached India. Countless women around the world are adopting the emerging trend of modern makeup. In this, more emphasis is placed on looking natural. Modern makeup includes all the qualities to look perfect. In this, a new definition of beauty is created by making the face free from any blemishes. In this, eye makeup is done in such a way that the eyes look like talking. The eyelids of the eyes are also made very beautiful and natural lip color is applied on the lips.

In modern makeup, the bride's hairstyle makes her whole look beautiful. Be clear in red color, minimal make-up is done on the lips, so that the natural look emerges out beautifully. Any look from the bride to the wedding can emerge from the beautiful eye makeup. The most popular makeup tones are blush, taupe, gray and soft brown. Applying soft eyeliner with it changes the meaning of beauty. The lips are colored with blush and berry tones.

Although modern makeup is in trade nowadays, but the bride remains comfortable with traditional makeup. And the skin also looks very beautiful. Apart from all the latest trends, perfect skin tone is number one on every bride's wish list.

A wedding requires a lot of professional and experienced make-up artist along with the bridal dress, accessories and wedding style. The trained and experienced make-up artists know how to hide the flaws of their clients and enhance their beauty from all angles.