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What comes in solah shringar, do you know its scientific importance

Solah Shringar has special significance for Hindu women. A woman does makeup before marriage but she cannot do sixteen makeup before marriage, because some makeup done in sixteen makeup is possible only after marriage.

After marriage, a woman compulsorily wears all these things. Each makeup included in the sixteen makeup has a different significance. Every woman wants that she looks beautiful by dressing up, sixteen makeup makes the woman's look more beautiful and young, the same is the scientific reason for sixteen makeup.

Solah shringar names of women

The solah shringar performed by women includes sindoor, bindee, paayal, shaadee ka joda, maang teeka, mehandee, baajooband, kamaraband, mangalasootr, bichhiya, karnaphool, nath, angoothee, gajara, kaajal evan choodiyaan.


After marriage, women put Sindoor in their Maang, which is considered a sign of marriage for married women. It is believed that by applying Sindoor, the life of the husband of a married woman increases. Its context is also found in the Ramayana period, where Mahabali Hanuman, seeing Mata Sita applying Sindoor, asks Mata Sita what happens by applying this sindoor, then Mata Sita says that by applying this sindoor, the life of your lord Lord Shri Ram increases. Is. Due to this, Mahabali Hanuman had painted his entire body in Sindoor.

According to scientific beliefs, Sindoor controls the blood pressure of women. It controls the body temperature of women and cools them and keeps them calm.

The place where Sindoor is applied by women is a very important gland of the brain. By applying Sindoor at this place, their mind remains conscious.


There is a lot of importance of bindee in sixteen makeup. According to the scriptures, the bindi is considered a symbol of home, family, happiness and prosperity, it is believed that by applying it, happiness and prosperity remains in the house.

At the place of the head where the bindi is applied, there is Agya Chakra, due to which the concentration of the mind is maintained by applying the bindi at this place, as well as the Agya Chakra is also activated, which is helpful in maintaining energy.


One of the items used in Solah Shringar is Mangalsutra which can be worn only after marriage. According to the belief, a married woman wears it for the long life and life of her husband. It is said that by wearing it, there is a good harmony between husband and wife, as well as many obstacles are removed.

Shaadi ka Joda

At the time of marriage, the clothes which the girl wears and is tied in a sacred bond like marriage, that cloth is also included in solah shringar. These clothes are called the wedding dress. These clothes are of red color with red odhani, red choli and red ghagra. This red colored garment is a symbol of purity.

According to religious beliefs, red color is a symbol of auspicious Mars and good luck, that is why red colored vermilion, kumkum, wedding dress etc. is used by women in auspicious works.

If we talk about scientific beliefs, then according to them red color is powerful and effective, due to which concentration remains. Red color controls the emotions of individuals and provides stability.


Bangles also have their own special importance in the item of Solah shringhar, these bangles can be made of other metals like gold, silver, lac, glass etc. It is mandatory for women to wear bangles after marriage, so these bangles are considered a sign of Suhaag.

According to scientific beliefs, bangles are helpful in the blood circulation of women, as well as the sound of bangles is helpful in strengthening the bones of women. By wearing gold or silver bangles, it is constantly in contact with the skin, due to which the women who read them get the properties of gold and silver, which are beneficial for health.


The ring is also given a place in the sixteen shringar which is worn on the fingers of the hands. The tradition of wearing a ring on the finger has been going on since ancient times. A gold or silver ring is worn in sixteen makeup, but it can also be of copper, ashtadhatu or brass etc.

According to scientific beliefs, the nerves of the fingers of the hands are directly connected to the brain and heart, reading pressure on them keeps the heart and mind healthy.

The ring keeps on touching the skin of the fingers, due to this the properties of these metals are obtained, as well as the ring also controls the continuous flow of blood in the fingers of the hands.


Among the shringar included in Solah shringhar is a shringar payal which is worn on the feet. Mostly these anklets are made of silver. Payal is also known as Payjeb and Ghungroo in many regions of India. The atmosphere remains positive with the sound of Payal's Ghungroo.

According to the scientific point of view, silver anklets give relief to women from joint and bone pain.

Kamar Band

As the name suggests, the ornament worn around the waist is called a kamarband, which is included in the sixteen makeup. From time immemorial, women used to wear Kamar Band compulsorily after marriage, now women wear it only at the time of marriage and during special events. These Kamar Bands are made of gold and silver.

According to scientific beliefs, wearing silver Kamar Band by women gives them relief in pain during menstruation and pregnancy.


The jewelery worn by women in the toes is called Bichiya which is like a ring or rings. Bichiya is also included in sixteen makeup.

According to scientific beliefs, the nerves of women's toes are connected to their uterus, wearing Bichiya gives them relief in problems related to pregnancy and uterus.

Maang tika

Included in the Solah shringhar is a shringar maang tika that women put on their foreheads in the middle of the mang. This maang tika is made of gold or silver metal. It is the protector of sindoor given to women by their husbands.

According to scientific belief, controls the body temperature of women, which increases their ability to make decisions and decisions.


One makeup included in Solah Shringar is Kajal. Kajal is applied in the eyes to enhance the beauty of the eyes. It is believed that by applying kajal, women do not have bad eyesight as well as prevent many diseases related to eyes.

According to scientific beliefs, kajal provides coolness to the eyes. Applying kajal in the eyes protects the eyes from harmful sun rays and dust, soil etc.


The rings made of gold and silver, which women wear in their arms, are called Baajooband. Baajooband has also been included in Solah shringhar. This jewelery also remains in constant contact with the skin of women, due to which the properties of these metals continue to be received by women, which is beneficial for health.

According to scientific beliefs, Baajooband is helpful in increasing blood circulation by putting the right pressure on the arm of the woman.


The earrings worn by women in the ears are also an important part of Solah shringhar. Earrings worn in the ears, the kundal itself is called karnaphool which are made of gold or silver metal.

According to scientific beliefs, there are many acupuncture and acupressure points on the ear, on which if given the right pressure, they provide relief in menstrual pain to women. Earphones exert pressure on those same pressure points. Women get many health benefits by having ear piercing because the ear nerves play an important role from the navel of the woman to the soles of the feet.


Mehndi is also considered as an essential makeup for a woman, Mehandi is also one of the Solah shringhar. In any auspicious work, women apply henna on their hands and feet. There is also a belief that the better the mehndi is made in the hands of a woman after marriage, the more her husband is going to love her.

According to scientific belief, henna acts as a medicine in many diseases related to the skin in women. The fragrance and coolness of Mehndi keep a woman happy and energetic.

Nose ring

There is also a makeup nath in the sixteen makeup, which is worn by women on the nose. Wearing a nath not only enhances the beauty of women, but by wearing it, women get the benefits of acupressure and their health remains fine.


The bunch of flowers put in the hair by women at the time of makeup is called Gajra. Gajra is also included in the sixteen shringar which is made from the fragrant flowers of jasmine. The aroma of Gajra flowers keeps the mind fresh and cool, as well as makes the house fragrant and pure.

According to scientific beliefs, the smell of jasmine flowers attracts everyone to itself and the aroma of jasmine flowers is most helpful in relieving stress.