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Best astrologer in malviya nagar new delhi Rahu

Best astrologer in malviya nagar new delhi on Yogas formed by Rahu:-

Astrologers Near Me on Yogas

1:- kapat yog-

When there is Saturn in the fourth house of the horoscope and Rahu is in the twelfth house, then there is a kapat yog, due to this yoga there is a difference in words and deeds.

2:-Krodha Yoga-

If Sun is in Rahu with Mercury or Venus, then anger yoga occurs, due to which the person has to suffer loss and sorrow as a result of fight, quarrel, debate.

3:- Ashta Lakshmi Yoga-

When Rahu is in the sixth and Jupiter is in the center (tenth), then Ashta Lakshmi yoga occurs, due to this yoga the person lives a successful life with peace.

4:- Pishaach baadha yog-

If Rahu is in the Ascendant with Moon, then there is a Pishaach baadha yog, due to this yoga one has to suffer the trouble of the Vampire Obstacle. And the person is a pessimist who kills himself.

Note- 1- If Moon is in conjunction with Rahu in Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn ascendant then it is auspicious.

2:- If the lord of triangle (5, 9) is Moon and Moon is in conjunction with Rahu in 5, 9 house then it is auspicious.

3: – Due to the conjunction of Moon Rahu in other houses, one has to face litigation arising out of terrible allegations and has to suffer various kinds of misery etc.

5:-Chandala Yoga-

Due to the conjunction of Rahu with the Guru, Chandal Yoga is formed, due to the effect of this yoga, a person becomes an atheist and a hypocrite.Note- Having Ketu with Guru leads to Upasana Yoga.

6: – Grahan Yoga-

When Sun is in conjunction with Rahu in the horoscope, then there is an eclipse yoga, if this conjunction is in the Ascendant, then the person becomes angry and health is also not good.Note- If the ascendant of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius is there and there is a conjunction of Sun Rahu in the triangle then it is auspicious.

7: – Sarp shaap yog  –

Rahu of Aries or Scorpio zodiac is in the fifth place, Mars is Guru in the fifth or ascendant or Mars is conjoined with Rahu in the fifth, there is a Sarp shaap yog, in this yoga, the person’s child gets into troubles or the road. Accident happens.

8: Paribhaasha yog  –

If there is Rahu in the Ascendant or in any of the 3,6,11 places, then the definition is Yoga. Having the sight of an auspicious planet on this Rahu is auspicious.

9: – Arishta Bhang Yoga-

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, if any of these three zodiac signs are ascendant and Rahu is in 9, 10, 11, then Arishta Bhang Yoga occurs, it is auspicious and fruitful.

10:- Lagna Karak Yoga-

If Aries, Taurus or Karkat is ascendant and Rahu is in any place other than 2, 9, 10, then it is the ascendant factor, this yoga is the best preventive.

11:- Payalu Yoga-

When both Rahu and Ascendant are in the tenth house of the horoscope, then the person takes birth from the side of the feet from the mother’s womb, it is called Payalu.

12: – Rahu Shani Yuti Yoga-

If Saturn is in conjunction with Rahu, then the health is not good, the person is always sick, being in the fourth place causes pain to the mother. Being in the fifth, it is painful for the child in the seventh.

It is painful for husband and wife, in ninth it is painful for father, in tenth there is loss of business and reputation, but if there is a vision of the guru, then there is a decrease in the effect [ Best astrologer in malviya nagar new delhi ]