Massive Wealth In Astrology

Massive wealth in Astrology

Massive wealth in Astrology-14 simplest ways to get immense wealth, must try…The desire of every human being is to get immense wealth, but you do not get this money just by wanting. For this, it is very important for you to please Maa Lakshmi.

Let us know some of the simplest remedies which will give us the blessings of Lakshmi and immense wealth

(1) Start chanting any mantra of Lakshmi ji from Wednesday or Friday and chant one lotus garland (108 times) daily.
(2) Regularly recite Vishnu Sahasranama and Sri Sukta and offer rose or lotus flower to Shri Lakshmiji.
(3) Respect your superiors. Treat yourself with the most love in the family.
(4) Get up early in the morning, clean the house and start the day after taking bath and doing your worship, chanting etc. Where one sleeps at sunrise and sunset, there is no wealth. Lakshmi does not stay in foul-smelling places and unclean places.

Blessings of Lakshmi and immense wealth

(5) Give as much food as possible to the cow-dog, beggar, etc. Even if you can’t give it, don’t scold them.
(6) Do not allow garbage, atala etc. to accumulate in the house. Clean up from time to time.
(7) Do not sweep after evening. If you do, do not throw the garbage outside the house.
(8) Keep the broom handy and do not keep it standing. Keep it in such a way that no one’s eyes fall on it. Never jump the broom, nor let your feet stumble.
(9) The clothes should be clean and washed. Be sure to use perfume.
(11) If you do worship regularly, then keep the time and place fixed. The difference should not be more than 10-15 minutes. When this happens, the gods curse.

Massive wealth in Astrology.

(12) Do not allow dirt in the north-east for Massive wealth in Astrology.
(13) North, East, Northeast should be open in the house-shop-factory etc. and plant fragrant flowers and Tulsi plants in these directions.
(14) South-South, there should not be any pit, boring, cistern etc. in the west and wherever there is a Vastu defect, make a swastika there. Always keep in mind that water does not drip from the tap etc. in the bathroom.