Remedies For Achieving Great Heights

Remedies for achieving great heights

Achieving Great Heights

Remedies for achieving great heights:-Here are the miracle remedies based on the Lal Kitab for your zodiac sign by the leading astrology consultant in Delhi.

To get success in every area of life you can be successful by taking measures according to your zodiac sign.

These tips or suggestions from the famous astrologer in India will prove to be effective for you to touch the heights in life lets know-how:


Do not take anything for free. Always use a red handkerchief. Serve the saint’s mothers and gurus. Always follow morality. Follow the Vedic rules. Help the widow and seek blessings. Feed the sweet bread to the cow.
Taurus  Burn the lamp of ghee daily. Keep fast on Friday. Use weapons etc in clothes. Wear clean clothes. Do not buy new slippers in January. Do not give false testimony and do not commit fraud. Plant a money plant at home.


Abandon tamasic food and free the fish from captivity. Give asthma medicine to the hospital for free. Worship mother and take blessings of girls younger than twelve years. Do not use a belt. Clean the teeth with alum. Do sun treatment.


Take silver rice from mother and keep it with you and recite Durga Chalisa. Donate items to the girl’s charity. Always make religious works work. Do not stop anyone from travelling to the shrine. If you are a doctor then give medicines to patients for free. Go barefoot in the place of religion. Drink water in public. Follow the advice of my mother.

Leo Horoscope 

Give walnuts and coconut in a religious place. Offer food to the blind. Always speak the truth and do not harm anyone. Serve your brother-in-law son in law and nephew. Start an auspicious task only after eating sweets. Follow the rules of Vedic and virtue.

Virgo zodiac 

Do not speak abusive speech or show anger. Recite Durga Saptashati and seek blessings from younger girls. Do remedies related to Shani. Wear a black necklace. Wear a silver ring. Do not feed a brown dog.

Libra zodiac 

Drink cow urine. Always keep the wife happy and have full faith in the Father. Give cow grass daily. Marry on the orders of parents. No woman in the family should walk barefoot. Offer Tawa  Chimta  Chakla and Belan in Dharma place.


Make sweet bread of tandoor, and feed the poor. Do not cut peepal and kicker trees. Avoid taking free goods from anyone. Do not ignore the elder brother. In the morning take honey and offer vermilion and Chola to Hanuman Ji. Serve elders.


Do not let any beggars return disappointed. Make a pilgrimage. Help others for pilgrimage. Clean the nose before starting work. Worship Guru Sadhu and Peepal. Plant yellow flowering plants.


Serve the monkeys. Do not make untruthful speeches. Do not keep the darkness in any part of the house. Live in a house facing east. Offer walnuts in the place of religion and keep it a little at home. Do not look at a foreign woman. Offer food to buffalo crows and labourers.


Do not get your house built before forty-eight years and abandon the house in the south direction. Keep a piece of silver with you. Have a fast for Saturday. Donate oil and alcohol to the Bhairav temple and do not drink yourself. Wear gold.


Do not accept help from anyone who believes in your destiny. Do not bathe in front of anyone. Go worship in a religious place. After receiving the blessings of a total priest place a crest on the head clean the place of religion with the service of saints doing business with the advice of a woman [ Remedies for achieving great heights ].