A Glimpse Into The Planetary Aspects Of Astrology

A Glimpse into the Planetary Aspects of Astrology

Astrologers can forecast your future they predict good times as well as the bad. The way they do this is by looking at the current movements of the planets in all the different zodiac signs. The Moon and Sun follow the path of the zodiac and similarly, planets also follow a path of the zodiac at their own pace. Read through the blog to know more from the best astrologer in India.

Astrology focuses on a number of points to interpret and derive information from about your personality traits your life your past and your future.

Significance of the Planets,

The most significant variables in determining the horoscope are the planets. The primary concerns of a person such as a career marriage children are decided by the planetary motions in the zodiac of that person. However, it totally depends on where the planets are placed in accordance with each other. The best marriage astrologer in India will guide you through the different planetary aspects.

Although a number of objects are represented by each world they each have a symbolic meaning. For example, if it is placed in a beneficial sign or house let’s talk about the planet Saturn or Shani it gives the individual tremendous fame and strength but on the contrary, if it is placed in the malic house it can have a devastating effect on personal life.

Planetary Aspects continue,

According to the Astro Vedic solutions, there are nine significant planets that are believed to influence the various aspects of an individual’s life like physical traits personality traits success and failure wealth, etc. The 9 planets are- Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Rahu and Ketu. Here’s how these planets influence a person’s life as per the leading astrologer in Delhi

The Sun is considered as the king and the most royal planet in astrology it represents our soul willpower and courage. While it rules our physical health vitality and determines our self-ego and self-projection in the world. A strong Sun makes a person very enthusiastic and the center of attention whereas a weak and afflicted Sun can give a weak constitution and create an egoist.

Planetary Aspects continues,

The Moon is believed to be the queen in astrology it is known to control human emotions feelings and mood. Moon is genial with Jupiter Sun-Mercury and holds a rivalry with Saturn Rahu and Ketu. Moon is considered equivalent to a mother and hence indicates a good relationship with mothers. Astrologers believe that the Moon makes natives sensitive and emotional. The auspicious Moon can bless the native with good looks speaking abilities and intellect whereas a weak Moon can make the native short-tempered and insensitive.

Mercury also is known as Buddha in Sanskrit it is the foremost planet of speech communication and intellect. Strong Mercury improves speaking and writing. It also influences their sense of understanding expressing and interpreting.

Planetary Aspects continue,

Mercurial people exhibit orderliness and methodical behavior. These individuals are also believed to have good physical features and have a good sense of humor. Mercury is friendly with the Sun-Venus Rahu and enemies with Moon and Ketu.

Venus is popular as the planet of love. It signifies beauty art luxury love romance and pleasures of all kinds. A strong Venus will promote a good marriage gratification and appreciation for the arts. An afflicted Venus will tend to create unhappy conditions at home complications in love and relationships. Planet Venus in astrology is favorable with Saturn Mercury and Rahu and is enemies with Moon Sun and Mars.

Planetary Aspects continues,

Mars Also known as Mangal or auspicious a quite significant planet as per Hindu traditions. Mars is the planet representing courage ambitions passion and fighter. Strong mars signify a lot of go-getter abilities of a person whereas if the planet is in the weak house then it tends to make the person more fearful weak and aggressive. Mars is known to be friendly with Sun Moon Jupiter and enemies with Mercury and Rahu.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system is also considered as the giant planet in astrology and hence known as the Guru. It is known as the great benefic is an epitome of good luck wisdom generosity and optimism.

Planetary Aspects continue,

A person with strong Jupiter tends to be very intelligent religious and well to do. Afflicted Jupiter might not gain material prosperity or become careless and debt-ridden. Jupiter is said to be friendly with the Sun Moon Mars and is enemies with Venus and Mercury.

Saturn is the most feared planet in astrology is also known as Shani. It is believed to govern the lifespan of the person. It is the slowest moving planet around the sun and spends around two and a half years in one zodiac sign. A strong Saturn can make you very successful in life it teaches you to be humble and patient.

Planetary Aspects continues,

On the other hand, if you have a weak Saturn in your sign you may face atrocities such as excessive laziness in a disciplined lifestyle and health issues. Saturn is friendly with Ketu Mercury  Venus and his enemies are Mars  Sun and Moon.

Rahu is the Sanskrit name for the north lunar node of the snake demon though not a physical planet  it has high impacts on a person’s life. Although it is known for its malefic nature a strong Rahu can contribute great wealth and success when combined with the other benefic planets. But when afflicted it can cause all sorts of hindrances in one’s life.

Ketu is the body node of the snake demon or south lunar node. Rahu and Ketu are both shadow planets. Ketu is also considered to be a malefic planet and is always positioned opposite Rahu. Ketu represents moksha or freedom mysterious science and knowledge.

Planetary Aspects continues,

If you have a weak Ketu you tend to be facing serious health issues people may turn into enemies for no reason whereas if you have a strong Ketu then it will bring you enormous wealth advancement in career and will fulfill all desires. Ketu is known to be friendly with Venus Rahu Ketu and Saturn and enemies with Mars Sun and Moon.

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