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Read these amazing tips from the Best vastu consultant online to arrange the study rooms as per your children:

* East and North directions are considered very important in Vastu Shastra because sunrise comes from the

east and beneficial magnetic waves come from the north. It is beneficial for students to study

facing East, North, or North-East.

* Children’s study room should be in the east, north or north-east of the house and it should be kept in

mind that there is no pillar in it.

* Avoid putting mirrors etc. on the study table or in front. Keep only the necessary items on the table.

* Books, copies, etc. should be kept on the south, west, or south-west side of the room, and shelves of

the storage cupboards should not be open. It reduces concentration.

* During the study, the mouth can also be kept towards the west and north direction,

but in these directions, the result of the study is not good.

* During the study, one should avoid facing towards the south, because this leads to the

predominance of the fire element in them, which can make them defiant and undisciplined.

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Bedroom means bedroom is the most important place of our residence. It needs to be calm and peaceful.

Sometimes due to having all kinds of facilities in the bedroom, one cannot sleep peacefully.

If there is no tension, yet there is no restful sleep, then the reason for this is the construction of the bedroom in the wrong place.

1. The main bedroom, also known as the master bedroom, should be on the south-west (Northwest) or

north-west (Vayavya) side of the house.

2. If the house has an upper floor of a house then the master upper floor should be in the

south-west corner of the floor.

3. While sleeping in the bedroom, one should always sleep with the head against the wall.

4. One should not sleep with feet in the south and east direction. Sleeping with feet towards the north gives

the possibility of health benefits and economic benefits. Sleeping with the feet towards the west

removes the fatigue of the body, good sleep comes.

5. Never place a mirror in front of the bed.

6. Do not place the bed in front of the bedroom door.

7. Double bed mattresses should be well attached.

8. The doors of the bedroom should not make creaking sounds.

9. Religious pictures or pictures of ancestors should not be placed in the bedroom.

10. The size of the bed should be kept as square as possible.Broken bed in this room is inauspicious..

11. The installation of the bed should not be under the ceiling beam.

12. Bed made of wood is the best. Beds made of iron are said to be taboo.

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13. Light a blue lamp at night while sleeping.

14. Never sleep with a jug or glass of water by the head.

15. Hang a metal object on the left corner of the wall opposite the entrance of the room in the bedroom.

16. According to Vastu Shastra, this place is the area of luck and wealth.

17. If there are cracks in the wall in this direction, then get them repaired. Cut on the wall of this

direction could be a cause of financial loss.

18. Do not keep bad bedding, pillows, curtains, sheets, quilts etc.

19. Do not keep brooms, footwear, atlas, electronic items, broken and noisy fans, broken items, torn

clothes or plastic items in the bedroom.

20. If there is tension between husband and wife or due to some reason the relationship of love is not

being established, then you can put a beautiful picture of pair of swans or Radha-Krishna on the bedroom wall.

Apart from this, pictures of Himalayas, conch or flute can also be applied.

Place a picture of any one of the above.

21. If the bedroom is in Agnikon, then the picture of calm sea should be placed on the east-central wall.

Do not put pictures related to water inside the bedroom even after forgetting,

because the picture of water points towards husband and wife and ‘she’.

22. The ceiling of the bedroom should not be round.

23. Do not keep a round or oval shaped bed in your bedroom.

24. The bedroom should not have attached toilet. Keep the attached toilet door closed if not in use.

25. Paint the bedroom off-white, baby pink or cream color. Avoid dark colors.

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