When To Apply Kitchen Slab As Per Vastu And How To Keep Furniture Safely

When to apply Kitchen Slab as per Vastu and how to Keep furniture safely

When to apply Kitchen Slab as per Vastu and how to Keep furniture safely

Many times, you take care of other things in the kitchen and ignore the slab, which causes you trouble later. It is very important to pay attention to some things while placing slabs in the kitchen.

First of all, decide on which height you want to put the slab so that you can stand properly while baking the bread. Choose the height of the slab by looking at your height, otherwise, your waist will always be in pain.

Your slab should be such a place where all the things are close to you. For example, if the kitchen is a little big, then the slab should be such a place where everything from cutting the vegetable to washing it and cooking i.e. chili-spices, etc. are nearby but with at a safe distance between Heat generating articles and water because as per Vastu Fire and water cannot be nearby. This will save you a lot of time and the energy inside the kitchen will be better utilized.

All living and non-living things have energy. Vastu is nothing but rules and regulations to keep the energies positive at home and office. Now, let's know how to keep furniture clean and safe for the best Vastu results:-

1. While varnishing the furniture, keep the box of varnish in a vessel filled with hot water, then start varnishing. The heat will cause the varnish to settle easily and the surface will dry in a very short time.

2. Mixing kerosene in mustard oil and cleaning a wooden item with a cloth gives it shine 

3. Ideally if you have a burnt or stained furniture it should be replaced as per Vastu but if you have budget constraints what you can do is to remove burnt stains on furniture, soak cotton in paraffin and rub it on the spot as that will make it better and will be a temporary fix.

4. Make a soap and water solution in a bottle and prepare a solution by adding a spoon of turpentine oil to it. Apply this solution on the furniture and floor with a cloth and after drying rub it with a clean cloth.