Miracle Tricks To Change The Fate Of The House

Miracle tricks to change the fate of the house

Nature is the remedy through which you can awaken your destiny by developing your positive energy. If you are lucky but your home is causing misfortune then how will synergy be possible? Let’s see as per the best Vastu experts in Delhi:

Important rule: First of all it is necessary to have the house in the right place and in the right direction. In ancient times, the house architecture was very much looked after. If Vastu is right then your planetary constellations will also be right and your destiny will shine more. Those who do not believe in Vastu Vigyan should stay in the house of Agni Kon for some time and in the house of Ishan Kon for some time. The difference will be understood.

Fate of the house continues………………..

If you change the fortunes of your house, your luck will automatically shine. If you want freedom from crisis, wealth, prosperity, happiness, peace, and progress, then take our measures. Your luck will change.

The house should be as per Vastu: The door of the house should be in one of the east, north, north, west, and west directions. If this is not the case, consult an architect. The direction of the main gate does not make the house auspicious or inauspicious. For any Vastu idea, taking care of water, fire, and air is the most important. If all the architecture of the house is right and according to the rule, then only the importance of direction decreases. Yes! In a bad time, a south-facing house can cause more trouble. If your house is in an igneous, south, or west direction then do this remedy.

Fate of the house continue.

For South direction: Put a life-size mirror just in front of the door in such a way that the entire image of the person entering the house is made in the mirror. This causes the person to enter the house to turn back with negative energy entering the house. By placing an idol or picture of Hanuman Ji in the blessing posture just in front of the door, the main door towards the south direction is removed. The placing of the pyramid of Panchadhatu above the main gate also ends the Vastu defect.

For all directions: The picture of Lord Ganesha above the door and the right-left swastika should be written with benefits. Put the tree on the door. The more beautiful the door, the stronger and nicer the door. Inside the house, there should be a kitchen in the igneous angle, prayer-meditation room in the northeast, a toilet in the southwest corner, a place of heavy luggage in the south, etc.

Fate of the house continued.

* Put a beautiful bit of different color for every look and spread it. Keep that carpet clean daily.

* Once a week, dissolve sea salt in water and mop it on the floor.

* If the tiles of a room, kitchen, or any other place in your house are broken, then it should be repaired quickly because broken tiles are also not considered as per Vastushastra.

Do away with unnecessary items outside the house: Do not keep unnecessary items inside the house. Such as a closed watch, bad TV, junk, cell, broken pens, waste, waste sandal, shoe bag, etc. While the Atala of the house creates negative energy, the pot plants in the house can also put your life in danger if they are prickly or with negative energy. In the same way, even if there is a lot of iron element in the house, life can become conflicted.

Pooja Ghar Ho Kaisa:

Do not keep pictures or idols of many Gods and Gods in the house. This will create a Vastu defect and will also wander your mind. There should be a small shrine with a Shivling, a Shaligram, a small bronze idol of Ganeshji, Durga, Rama, and Krishna, a Garuda bell. In the pictures of God, Radhakrishna can be painted in the bedroom, Ram Darbar’s picture in the living room.

According to Vastu, the north-east direction is best for God. Establish a house of worship in this direction. If the house of worship is in some other direction, while drinking water, keep the mouth towards the northeast direction. There should not be a toilet or kitchen on the floor above or below the place of worship, nor adjacent to them. A room of worship should not be built under the stairs at all. It should always be on the ground floor, not in the basement. The room of worship should be made open and big.

Fate of the house continues.

Keep the northeast corner beautiful and clean: Always keep the northeast corner empty or make it a place of water. You can also build a house of worship here. The aquarium can also be kept here. Here, flower pots can be decorated with beautiful flowers.

The atmosphere of the house should be fragrant: Make the atmosphere good with the sweet aroma and music in the house. Burn the camphor soaked in ghee before going to bed at night. Smoke Google in the house and not frankincense Do not create a fragrant environment by lighting incense sticks. Incense sticks are made of bamboo. Misfortune is created by burning bamboo.

The roof of the house: Do not place any kind of light on the roof of the house. Do not place bamboo or any kind of Atala on the roof of the house. Keep the roof clean.
Flag of the house: Place a swastika or ॐ saffron flag installed in the angle above the house. This brings fame, fame, and victory. Putting a flag or flag destroys diseases, grief, and blame of the members living in the house and increases the happiness and prosperity of the house.

According to the Vastu consultant in north Delhi, Keeping these items in the house is considered Lucky:

By keeping sacred and energetic things in the house, the minds of the members of the house also remain calm and progressive. There should be no such negative item in the house, which disrupts the peace of the house.

Keep these things at home and make life happy

1. Rudraksha, 2. Shankh, 3. Ghanti, 4. Swastika sign, 5. On the locket of the chest, 6. Kala, 7. Ganges water, 8. Mowli (wrist band), 9. Kamal Gatta, Tulsi, or Rosary of Rudraksha, 10. Picture of nature on the wall or picture of cheerful family and 11. More and more brass and copper utensils.

Fate of the house continues.

Hinduism is closely associated with the tree. If Hinduism is called the religion of trees, there will be no exaggeration. Because the importance of trees in Hinduism is hardly found in any other religion. This universe is called an inverted tree. Earlier this universe was in seed form and now it appears in tree form. In the Holocaust period, it will be in seed form again.

Promotional plants around the house: – 1. Banana, 2. Tulsi, 3. Money plant, 4. Pomegranate, 5. People, 6. Bub, 7. Common, 8. Jamfal, 9. Wooden leaf and 10. Neem