The Things Coming Out Of The Land Of The House Give Auspicious And Inauspicious Signs

The things coming out of the land of the house give auspicious and inauspicious signs

The things coming out of the land of the house give auspicious and inauspicious signs

A part of this universe, known as the plot or bhumandal, is credited with the origin of life. There are waves of life inside it, which are known as Jalchar, Thalchar, Nabhachar. The plot is a unique gift of nature that is divided into a

house, village, town, district, city, state, or country according to need.

This plot is called or known by many names like – Vasundhara, Bhoo, Prithvi, Dharni, Dhara,

Veerabhogani, Hiranyagarbha, Ratnagrabha, Vedgarbha, Aadhar Shakti, etc. Life has originated from the sum of the

five elements, these five elements combine to conduct life in which the earth (Kshiti) is called the first element.

Auspicious and inauspicious continues…………………

Vastu Shastra sets the rules of building construction by aligning these five elements under which soil testing is done. During the trial, the soil of the plot, its color, smell, taste, and its depth, height, size, etc., are tested respectively,

which play a very helpful role in determining the nature and profit, loss of that plot.

Many known and unknown facts are hidden inside the planet, which always affects life. The effects of these plots are increasingly seen in humans, animals, birds, and plants. In fact, every plot has some secret and surprising differences hidden in it.

Auspicious and inauspicious continues…………………

Vastu tests and experiences of this land, full of advanced facts and secrets, show that it is up to you to increase

the profit of a plot, how you use it. That is, you can make the harmful plot also beneficial by doing some treatment. Metals, relics, stones, wood, and other objects obtained from many soil tests give some indication of auspicious and inauspicious results to its owner and the person living in it, know it from the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR:

If pebbles and stones are found while digging the plot, these are auspicious signs. It helps in longevity, obtaining wealth, and staying healthy.

– If you get cooked whole brick and tile, it is also good and always beneficial.

– If gold and silver coins and other precious metals are found while digging the plot, it indicates economic prosperity. It is considered good and good.

– If digging of human skull or pieces of bones is found while digging, it is considered inauspicious and harmful. This causes the landlord to face difficulties and sorrows.

Auspicious and inauspicious continues…………………

– If the termite, ant, serpent’s house (Bami), or bill is received during the excavation in the plot, it is

considered extremely inauspicious. Such plots have not been considered suitable from the point of view of the residence.

– If you get dry grass, eggs, pieces of clothes, etc., then the landowner is prone to premature death, wife, son, and loss of money. Such a plot has been called inauspicious.

– If the remains of burnt clothes, wood, and other items are found during the digging of the plot, then the disasters and troubles do not leave the occupant in the habitat, such plots are often said to be inauspicious.

Auspicious and inauspicious continues…………………

– During the excavation of the earth, if hair, dead creatures, and other useless objects are found, then this is also not an auspicious sign. Such plots point towards disease, moneyless ness, and extinction.

– A plot with moist and marshy conditions is also not considered good in terms of habitat. This leads to obstruction in development.

In this way, it is very important to understand its loss and profit and auspicious and inauspicious situation before construction and residence in a plot. Which opens the way for happiness, peace, and progress in life.