Vastu Expert In Faridabad | Some Important Things Of Vastu

Vastu expert in Faridabad Some important things of Vastu

If there is any kind of water resource to be installed on the plot, it is always right for the hand pump, well, jet pump, etc., in the north-east direction, ie the north-east angle.

As suggested by the best Vastu consultant in Delhi, the main purpose of building windows and skylights in the building is the arrival of pure air in the house. Always make windows and skylights near the door.

There are windows in front of or equal to the door, the magnetic cycle is complete, which creates a feeling of peace and tranquility in the building.

For the construction of windows and skylights, east, west, and north direction is the best auspicious.

To avoid air pollution, put exhaust fans in opposite directions of pure air entering the houses.

Direction and Vastu:-

Directions have the highest importance in Vastu. That is why special care is taken when constructing a building or purchasing a plot. Let us know in which direction the room should be constructed according to Vastu –

The south-eastern direction, ie the fiery angle is the symbol of the element of fire. Its suzerain is believed to be Agni Dev. This direction is auspicious for the kitchen, gymnasium, or fuel storage location.

The North-Eastern region ie North East is a symbol of water. Its suzerain is Yama Deity. This part of the building is auspicious for Brahmins, boys, and guests. Therefore, it is auspicious to have a guest room in this direction.

The south-western region i.e. the southwest corner is the symbol of the earth element. This region is under Anant Dev or Meerut Dev. Arrangements should be made here for the arsenal and collection of confidential items.

As per Vastu and Feng Shui: Tortoise enhances progress

If you want to remove the faults of the land, then worship the turtle. Many times there is a land defect in the house land, due to which there are tribulations and stress. If there is this land defect in your house too, then take a soil turtle and worship it. Put a red cloth on the ground for worship.

Then splash the tortoise with Ganga water and do Tilak with Kumkum. Do Panchopchar Puja. That is, offer incense-lamp-water-clothes-fruits. Make and distribute gram offerings. Once the garland is complete, sprinkle water once again on the turtle. In the evening, put three fit holes in the soil and bury them in the soil. If possible, color the turtle. All land defects will be removed.

By adopting the principles of Feng Shui, life can be made full of happiness and prosperity. All wishes can be fulfilled and Lakshmi can also be given permanent status in her home forever.

According to Feng Shui, the turtle is going to increase lifespan and increase the chances of progress in life.

Put a metal turtle model (model) in a small bowl filled with water and keep it in the northern area of your house. This will increase your lifespan and provide more opportunities for progress in life.