Best Vastu Consultant In Delhi

Best Vastu consultant in Delhi

According to the Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi Hindu Puranas and Vastu Shastra, your future is decided by the place where you live. Do not expect a good future if you are staying in the wrong place. Therefore, every person needs to know where he should live and where he should not stay. If your house is at a crossroads or intersection, then know its loss. There should not be a square or intersection in front of or near the house. Often, corner houses are similarRead below to know more from the Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi :


1. Vastu Dosh is formed at the crossroads.

2. In relation to the house of crossroads, Tantra Shastra states that it has been considered the place of Tamo guna.

3. This place has more negative energy.

4. There will be a movement of people and vehicles, due to which your mental peace will remain disturbed.

5. You will remain excited. Therefore, houses should not be built near the intersection.


1. In the same way terrible Vastu defects are made on the Tiraha.

2. All the members living here remain mentally disturbed.

3. The women living here remain ill.

4. Money does not last and always remains financially strapped.

5. This house also causes home discord.

T-point house good or bad, know what to do and what not to do

Many people’s houses are located on the crossroads or crossroads. It is said that it is not good according to Vastu.

Terrible Vastu defects are also created at the intersection including depression.

If there is a road, street or T-junction in front of the entrance of the house, then it creates

serious Vastu defects, especially in those buildings which are facing south and west. After all,

why does this happen, what is the reason and what is the solution.

Reason :

1. Vastu defect is created at the intersection. There is more negative energy instead.

2. There will be movement of people and vehicles, due to which your mental peace will be disturbed.

3. You will remain in depressive state.

4. Energy stops by going to the Tirahe or T-shape house. There is no flow of energy.

5. The women living here remain ill.

6. Money does not last and there is always financial crunch.

7. This house also becomes the cause of domestic discord.

8. Suddenly some disease surrounds the head of the household.

9. There is suspicion of defamation, financial loss, knee pain etc.

Direction and T Point:

1. North direction: T point of North direction is not bad, it provides money and important opportunities.

2. Northeast direction: Tee point of North-East direction is good in all respects and it gives happiness and prosperity.

3. East direction: T point of East direction is the factor of house value, respect and health.

4. Igneous Direction: Between East and South, that is, the T-point of the igneous angle or direction,

there is a fear of incidents like theft and arson in the house.

5. South direction: The youth living in the house of Tea Point in the south direction start walking on bad path.

The youth residing in this house may engage in evil activities like intoxication etc.

6. West direction: T point of west direction is also not considered good.

7. South-west direction: The house built on the T-point in the middle of the south-west direction causes serious illness and premature death.

8. West direction: North-west means the T-point of the west direction gives bad results. It causes financial loss in every way.

General Solution: 

1. Sweet sounding wind chimes can be installed on the door so that the positive energy will not be blocked.

2. If there is a T-point in the fire, then plants related to Feng Shui or Vastu can be planted in this zone inside the house.

3. To remove negative energy from inside the house, put a yellow strip of four inches on the main door.

4. By asking Vastu Shastri, the remedy can also be done by pyramid at the appropriate place.

5. Hang a 6 inch octagon shaped mirror in front of the entrance door inside the house.

By doing this, all the Vastu defects of the South and West directions are cured.

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