Lord Shree Ganesh Is A Complete Vastu In Himself !!

Lord Shree Ganesh is a complete Vastu in himself

Lord Shri Ganesh has unique significance in Hinduism. Whether worshiping or rituals, every Manglik, while starting Vedic works, is the first name that is of Lord Ganapati.

It is the lord of wisdom and intellect. The word Ganesha means Lord of the Ganas. Explaining the importance of Ganesh is almost impossible as it is in every sphere of life. It is also said in the scriptures that Ganapati is the pioneer among all the gods. They have different names and different forms, and according to the best Vastu consultant in Delhi, Ganesha has great importance in Vastu. Ganeshji is a complete Vastu in itself.

It is mentioned in the scriptures that if Ganesha jee is worshiped with the proper Vedic methods, then the defects of even the nine planets can also go away. Be it Ganesha’s ride or his dress or talk of his beloved Bhoj Modak. Every part of their body removes the defect of some of the other planet.

Our Puranas say that we should worship the white Ganapati. This brings material happiness and prosperity in life. A mouse is a symbol of spying information. It also removes the defect of Rahu. Ganesha’s elephant-like face has different beliefs. Ganesh’s Gajmukh is considered a symbol of the curb, control, control of chaotic elements.

By worshiping such great Devadhidev Shri Ganesha, we can pray and worship our home by correct chanting and remove the Vaastu Dosha of our house and have a happy, prosperous life.