Which Color Screen To Apply In Which Direction, Know From Vastu Shastra

Which color screen to apply in which direction know from Vastu Shastra

Which color screen to apply in which direction know from Vastu Shastra :-

If you want happiness and peace in your home, then according to the Vastu you should keep in mind the following

tips when it comes to selecting curtains. Read below tips from the best Vastu experts in Delhi:

There was a time when people used chicks in their homes, not curtains. Traditions have changed over time and people

Colorful and designer curtains were used to give the rooms grandeur. Not only this, people now prefer buying curtains according to the color of the room.

Nowadays people have become so aware of Vastu that curtains are purchased while keeping Vastu in mind. Earlier

one screen used to work, but now people prefer to buy folded curtains to give a new look to the house,

so people have to buy two curtains instead of one.

Vastu Shastra continues………………..

In the houses, the goods are being kept according to the direction of Vastu, while the color is being

combined according to the direction. Curtains are also installed accordingly.

Let us know in which direction/angle the color curtain should be applied according to Vastu, suggested by the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon:

White color and cream, the light yellow screen is beneficial in the northeast.

Red color, Mehroon, and Sindhuri color should be applied in the Agni Kone.

Green or black curtain should be applied in the southwest corner.

Blue, gray, and purple colors should be veiled in the western angle.

In this way, according to Vastu, Vastu gods are pleased by applying curtains, which brings

happiness and peace in the house.