Important Vastu Tips Regarding House Doors

Important Vastu Tips Regarding House Doors

If you know important Vastu tips regarding doors then you will avoid many kinds of difficulties. Let’s know the Ten important Vastu tips regarding doors from the best Vastu experts in Delhi

Door direction according to Vastu north and east doors is considered auspicious.

Two-side doors Nowadays the practice of installing one side doors have become popular so it is not good

according to Vastu. A Two side door is auspicious.

Shapes to avoid The main door should not be triangular circular square or polygon-shaped.

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Best doors Divide the main wall in which you want to put the door into nine equal parts. Leaving five parts from the right and three from the left put the door in the empty part in the middle.

The door within the door If the main door is small and the door behind it is big, then it will also be considered as a Vaastu Doshi. This causes financial troubles in the house. According to Indian architecture, the main gate of the house should be bigger than all the other doors of the house and the three gates of the house should not be kept in a straight line. The door should not be made within the door. The doors of the upper floor of the house should be slightly smaller than the doors of the lower floor.

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Home with two main doors If there are two main doors in the house then Vastu can be defective. There should be only one main entrance to the house. Two main gates should not be constructed in the opposite direction. Apart from this according to Indian architecture the main gate of the house should not be in the middle of the house but it should be located on the right or left side.

Doors with windows There are some doors which have windows such doors can have Vaastu defects. All the windows and doors of the house should be at the same height. The door should be kept as the gate. However, if you want to make doors with windows then it would be good to ask an architect. It may be that there is some type of architectural flaw in it. It is determined by the direction and location.

Outside door opening The main door of the house should not be facing outwards. The door of the main gate of the house should open inwards. The door that opens to the outside means that all the barkat and air in the house will go out.

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Broken Door The creaking sound that comes in the opening and closing of the door is called Swarvedh due to which accidental unpleasant events are encouraged. When this happens the members of the house have to face mental stress as well as negative energy is also activated. The flow of money in the house has a bad effect. The best Vastu consultant in Delhi suggests if the doors of a person’s house are broken in most circumstances it happens that the financial condition of that house is not right.

Thoughts of people living in such a house also remain negative. Due to such a door, the thought of failure in that task first comes to our mind before performing any task. This leads to a loss of confidence and increases the chances of deteriorating the work. There should not be a tree pillar wall DP hand pump mud etc in front of the door. In this way, all progress is stopped as well as there are differences and differences in thoughts in the family which hinders their development.

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Stairway door The staircase should not be made in front of the gateway otherwise it is considered as Vaastu Dosh. According to Vastu, the door of the stairs should face north or south. We keep the extra household items or shoe slippers under the stairs of the house which according to Vastu is not good.

Therefore according to Vastu keep the useless items under the stairs of the house and make a gate at the beginning or end of the stairs of the house. We have seen many homes that open the door we see the stairs. There is a small corridor nearby from where you enter the house and the staircase that is to go to the buildings above. Often people build their houses upstairs near the main gate of the house. Stairs should be made only after asking the architect.