Important Vastu Tips Regarding House Doors

Important Vastu Tips Regarding House Doors
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When it comes to creating a harmonious and positive living environment, Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architectural science, plays a crucial role. The positioning and design of various elements within a home can significantly impact the energy flow and overall well-being of its inhabitants. One of the key elements that holds immense significance in Vastu Shastra is house doors. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into important Vastu tips regarding house doors to help you create a balanced and welcoming atmosphere in your abode.

Important Vastu Tips Regarding House Doors

House doors are not merely entryways; they are pathways for energy to enter your home. Adhering to Vastu principles while designing and placing doors can invite positive energy and prosperity into your living space. Here are some crucial Vastu tips to consider:

1. Entrance Direction

The entrance door should ideally face a favorable direction to allow positive energy to flow in. The east, north, and northeast directions are considered auspicious for the entrance door. These directions are associated with the rising sun and are believed to bring in vitality and positivity.

2. Door Colors

The choice of colors for your house door can significantly impact the overall Vastu energy. Opt for colors that resonate with positive vibrations. Royal blue, deep green, and warm maroon are excellent choices. Avoid using dark and dull colors that might dampen the energy.

3. Main Door Placement

The main entrance door holds great significance in Vastu. It's essential that it opens inwards to welcome positive energy. Additionally, ensure that the door is well-lit and clutter-free to allow easy energy flow.

4. Number of Door Panels

Incorporating an odd number of door panels is considered auspicious. Three, five, or seven panels are preferable choices. These numbers are believed to symbolize growth, expansion, and abundance.

5. Door Decorations

Decorate your door with auspicious symbols such as Om, Swastika, or a traditional Toran. These symbols are believed to ward off negativity and invite positivity into your home.

6. Threshold Placement

Ensure that the threshold of the door is neat and clean. It's advised to avoid placing any obstacles or clutter at the entrance, as it might block the positive energy from entering.

7. Avoid Creaky Doors

A creaky door can create discomfort and unease. Keep the hinges well-oiled to ensure smooth and silent movement of the door, promoting a peaceful atmosphere.

8. External and Internal Alignment

Maintain alignment between external and internal doors to facilitate a smooth energy flow. Misaligned doors can disrupt the energy balance within your home.

9. Bathroom Proximity

Avoid placing the main door adjacent to a bathroom, as it can lead to negative energy seeping into your home. Maintain a reasonable distance between the entrance and bathroom doors.

10. Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Refrain from placing mirrors or any reflective surfaces directly opposite the entrance door. They are believed to bounce off positive energy and create disturbances.

11. South and Southwest Doors

If your home has doors in the south or southwest direction, make sure they are smaller and heavier. These directions are associated with stability, and having smaller doors can help maintain a balanced energy flow.

12. Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are preferred in Vastu Shastra, as they are believed to have natural positive vibrations. Opt for solid, well-crafted wooden doors for a positive energy impact.

13. Broken Doors and Hinges

Doors or hinges that are broken or damaged should be promptly repaired. A broken door symbolizes obstacles and can hinder the flow of positive energy.

14. External Door Plants

Placing plants near the entrance is considered auspicious. Choose plants with rounded and lush leaves. Avoid thorny or prickly plants that might attract negative energy.

15. Door Shape

Opt for doors with regular shapes, such as rectangles or squares. Irregular shapes can disrupt the energy flow and create an unbalanced atmosphere.

16. Shoe Rack Placement

If you have a shoe rack near the entrance, ensure it's kept organized and clutter-free. A well-arranged shoe rack prevents negative energy from accumulating.

17. North and East Doors

Doors in the north and east directions should be well-lit and vibrant. These directions are associated with prosperity and growth, and a well-maintained door can enhance these energies.

18. External Clutter

Keep the area around your entrance clean and clutter-free. Avoid storing unnecessary items or trash near the entrance, as it can obstruct positive energy.

19. Positive Affirmations

Place positive affirmations or religious symbols near the entrance to create a welcoming and positive environment as you enter and exit your home.

20. Natural Light and Ventilation

Ensure that your entrance receives ample natural light and ventilation. A well-lit and ventilated entrance invites positive energy and fresh air.

21. Bell or Wind Chimes

Hanging a bell or wind chimes near the entrance door is believed to attract positive energy and ward off negative vibrations.

22. Southwestern Entrance

If you have a southwest-facing entrance, consider placing heavy decorative items or furniture near the door. This can counterbalance the energy and prevent excessive negativity.

23. Balcony and Terrace Doors

Apply similar Vastu principles to balcony and terrace doors, as they are also entry points for energy. Maintain cleanliness and avoid clutter for a harmonious atmosphere.

24. Regular Usage

Regularly using all doors in your home helps maintain a balanced energy flow. Avoid keeping certain doors perpetually closed, as it can stagnate energy.

25. Consult a Vastu Expert

When in doubt, consult a qualified Vastu expert who can provide personalized guidance based on your home's layout and energy dynamics.


Creating a harmonious and positive living environment through Vastu principles involves thoughtful consideration of various elements, including house doors. By following these important Vastu tips, you can harness the energy flow in your home and create a space filled with positivity and well-being. Remember that every home is unique, so consulting a Vastu expert can provide personalized insights for your specific situation. With these guidelines, you're well on your way to cultivating a balanced and vibrant living space.


Q: Can I paint my entrance door in black?

While black may not be the most favorable color, you can choose deep and rich colors like dark blue or maroon for your entrance door.

Q: What should I do if my main door faces a direction considered unfavorable in Vastu?

In such cases, consider consulting a Vastu expert to explore remedies or adjustments that can help mitigate the negative energy.

Q: Is it necessary to have an odd number of door panels?

While odd numbers are recommended for auspiciousness, the overall energy and aesthetics of your home matter as well. Strive for balance in design.

Q: Can I place a mirror near the entrance for a spacious feel?

While mirrors can create a sense of space, avoid placing them directly opposite the entrance, as they may deflect positive energy.

Q: What's the significance of placing a bell near the entrance?

A bell is believed to purify the energy and create a harmonious sound that attracts positive vibrations.

Q: Should I apply Vastu principles to interior doors as well?

While the main focus is on entrance doors, applying Vastu principles to interior doors can contribute to an overall balanced energy flow.

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