Importance Of Exhaust Fan And How To Make Your Home Shine According To Vastu

Importance of Exhaust Fan and how to make your home shine according to Vastu

Importance of Exhaust Fan and how to make your home shine according to Vastu

The festive season has started and the wedding season is just about to begin along with New Year around the corner. In such a situation, you should start thinking about decorating the house along with other preparations. If anything is the most important role in giving a new look to the house, it is that of color. Yes, you can make your house brand new by having the walls painted with fresh Vastu compliant colors for even wall.

The first thing is to paint the exterior walls of the house which is just like taking the Vastu of the exterior of the house. While coloring the exterior walls of the house, it should be kept in mind that the color should be maintained in all types of weather and should not be dark or black. Which color to get done on the outer walls of the house also depends on the location of your house and your lucky color for that you can take the help of Astrology. If Vastu is a cake then Astrology is Icing on the cake.

If your house is in a residential area and there are lots of trees around the house, then you can also get a light and somber color on the outer walls of the house but if your house is in the main road or factory area then choose such colors. The dust, soil, or generator, etc, of which the smoke has not accumulated as that will automatically make the home Vastu compliant for cleanliness.

An Exhaust Fan is very important inside the kitchen as it is responsible for removing the smoke inside the home. If you cook more fried food in your kitchen, then you really need a good exhaust fan system for your kitchen. Because often grease and smoke particles are released in the cooking process, which freezes in your kitchen when there is no good ventilator system. As soon as ventilation gets disturbed so does the peace of the house because Vastu imbalance starts to happen as negative energy starts to build.

Due to this, many times the smooth layer of black color accumulates on the kitchen ceiling, window, light, etc. Therefore, there is a need to be very careful while buying an exhaust fan system for your kitchen. If you take care of some things while installing the exhaust fan system, then you will be able to take full advantage of it and make sure that the negative energies are kept at bay.

1. The hot air always goes upwards, so the exhaust fan system should be installed right above the stove in your kitchen and it should be southeast facing. So that while cooking, the smoke, chunk, etc. don't go here and there without venturing directly and that will keep positivity in the Household.

2. The size of your kitchen should also be kept in mind while purchasing an exhaust fan system. If your kitchen is large, then buy an exhaust fan system available in the market with a strong ventilation system because we need to make sure that the ventilation is proper.

3. Along with the exhaust fan system, the pipe attached to it is also important. So never ignore pipe fittings and cleaning as negativity gets generated from the smallest of places. Please do not understand the importance of such a small item but it has huge Vastu ramifications which can be positive with good ventilation and negative due to bad ventilation.