Tips To Make Your Home Vastu Friendly Before Coming Diwali

Tips to make your home Vastu friendly before coming Diwali

The living room is called the reception room drawing room or living room whereas the place where the guest is accommodated is called the guest room. Our identity is formed only from our living room. The living room reflects our status personality and ideas. Apart from this the condition and direction of the future is also decided by the meeting form. So know which pictures should be in the meeting form and which are not. Also, are you thinking of getting your new house painted? Or give a new look to your old lover.

If yes, then we the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR are here to help you then before painting the walls of your house it is important to know what colors your house will look like. If you are getting the houses painted before Diwali then you must know these tips.

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Choose these rich colors according to the direction for the decoration and color of the house and get happiness and prosperity throughout the year. Learn how to choose colors. For many days Diwali the biggest festival of Hinduism begins a period of cleanliness and paint at home.

Many people try Vastu and Feng Shui tips for the decoration and color of the house so that happiness in the house remains an atmosphere of peace and happiness. Take care of these Five things recommended by the Topmost Vastu consultant in Delhi and top Vastu consultant in Gurgaon while coloring your home for good luck

Let s talk about Pictures first:

  • Do not put such pictures in the living room.
  • Never put negative pictures in the meeting room such as the Taj Mahal War of Mahabharata or a picture of a thorny plant.
  • Do not put pictures of wild animals crying children naked children beautiful half-naked women battle scenes giant trees etc.
  • Do not put pictures of leaders actors actresses your gurus or even your ancestors.
  • Put such pictures in the living room.
  • To avoid home discord or ideological differences put a picture of a joint family smiling. If you do not want to put pictures of others then put a picture of your own family members in a happy posture in the corner of the south-west direction.
  • You can also put a picture of the Shiva family or Ram Darbar.
  • For a happy and peaceful life put a picture of chirping with your children.
  • Put a big picture of the swan in the sitting room so that the possibilities of immense wealth and prosperity will increase.

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  • East direction is considered auspicious to put a picture of seven horses running on the seashore. Find this picture only by asking an expert. If you do not want to put a picture of horses you can also put pictures of floating fish.
  • A picture of a mountain or a flying bird should be placed behind the seat of the head of the house in the meeting room. Such pictures add confidence and morale.
  • The eastern wall can be decorated with some pictures of the rising sun fruits and flowers. If you want to keep pictures of deities then the northeast direction is the best.

Let’s talk about the Colors to make your Diwali vibrant:

The living room is the most important so the walls here need special attention. Read below the tips from the best Vastu consultant in Delhi and best Vastu experts in Delhi

Brown pink white or cream color is considered best here. Here the use of curtains or pillow covers of these colors also gives auspicious results. While coloring the dining room skylight green and pink color can be done. It always brings energy and freshness and maintains a positive environment. White color is always considered good in the kitchen. Although it is very dirty too quickly if you keep cleaning regularly it leaves a very positive effect.

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The bedroom is also very important even here you use colors like light green sky pink Can do which the mind will always be happy to see. It also brings harmony to your relationships. For bathrooms or toilets light pink or white colors are the best.

Especially the use of pink in the bathroom maintains freshness and you feel inner happiness. The yellow color is a relaxed and illuminating color. If you make a yellow color on the walls of the drawing-room office etc of the house according to Vastu it is auspicious.

What to do to improve your financial status

Acquire the tips and tricks from the best Vastu consultant in Noida and improve your financial condition. You should paint green on the northern wall of your room. Sky color indicates a water element. The north wall of the house should be painted with this color. Always paint the window doors of the house with dark colors. It would be better to get them painted with dark brown color. As far as possible always use light colors to paint the house