If You Do Business Then These Tips Of Vastu Are Very Useful For You

If You Do Business Then These Tips of Vastu are Very Useful for You

If you want good growth in business then keep these things in mind according to Vastu and

the best Vastu experts in Delhi.

When shops costing millions do not repay as much then you start getting upset. In each city, sixty percent of the shops are in the area of crossroads or triangles and others are on streets or long roads. Every shopkeeper cleans his shop every day puts incense sticks in the shop and sits on his meeting but if in his daily activities with

Vastu they make a slight change in the method of cleaning and meeting and follow it daily If you keep doing this then gradually you get a definite increase in your income resource. In the current era, all the people are giving importance to Vastu but they are less able to pay attention to how it should be followed. If the rules of the shops are followed then you will definitely get the benefits from it.

While cleaning the garbage of the shop do not put garbage on the road nor put it towards any other shop. It reduces Barkat. Put it in the trash box of the south-west corner of your shop then put it in the municipal garbage area once it’s full.

If garbage will be dumped in the intersection and fountains etc area of the shop area then it affects the income of all the shops in that area and reduces the income. The area between the crossroads or the middle of the building is considered to be the Brahm Kshetra. Contaminating it destroys both income and health.

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Tell all your neighboring shopkeepers so that they also do not spread garbage here and there. This pollutes the area of our shops and does not keep our mood right. There is always tension.

Always sit facing north or east while sitting in the shop. This will reduce customer negotiation and demand less borrowing.

The house or shop where we are paying the rent or in our name that also benefits us. Encroaching the shop further may cause the corners of the shop to be cut or enlarged. In such a situation there is an opposite effect on income. Do not do this.

Income is reduced even when there is a barrier from other small shop shops in front of your shop. Follow these rules as much as possible so that you can experience a peaceful and happy Business.