Astrologers On Phone | Vastu, And Types Of Plants

Astrologers On Phone Vastu And Types Of Plants

You can avail top-notch services of the best astrologers on phone with us. In this blog post, we’ll discuss about vastu and types of plants. Planting trees in the house brings greenery and the people living in the house are always healthy. But many times, the plants you plant do not give good results, because they have Vastu defects. Come, know the relationship of Vastu defects and plants as per the Topmost Vastu consultant in Delhi:

If a Peepal tree is planted in the east of the house, then it brings fear and poverty in the house.

The banyan tree in the east of the house fulfills all the wishes.

Pakar and thorny trees in the south direction of the house, diseases arise in the house.

The sycamore tree in the south direction of the house is auspicious.

Fruit trees are auspicious in the backyard or south side of the house.

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Eye-related diseases occur due to sycamore and lemon tree in the north of the house.

By planting fruitful trees in the east and north direction, child suffering or wisdom is destroyed.

Plant a basil plant in the east or north direction of the house.

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* The basil plant in the south of the house tortures hard.

The secret of happiness and prosperity is hidden in which plants

Champa, Money-plant, Sandalwood, Pomegranate, Tulsi, etc. at home, Vastu defects will be removed.

Yellow flowers should be applied in the northeast.

Tulsi plant is best for Vastu dosha prevention. This plant should be made by planting a platform in the courtyard on the day of Ramnavami. If there is an empty space or garden behind the house and there is no mountain, building, or population, then it is not auspicious. In the view of Vastu, such a building remains unsafe. For more comprehensive information, feel free to reach out to us. Get the best astrologers on phone to discuss about astrology, Vastu and horoscope.

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