Simple Ways To Correct Vastu Defects Without Demolition

Simple ways to correct Vastu defects without Demolition

The corner of Ishaan should always be kept clean and empty. Keep in mind, the toilets are not in any condition here. The place of fire in the house should be in the direction of Vaastu. The location of the fire is an igneous angle,

so the kitchen should be made in the south-east direction of the house as much as possible. The stove should not be in the north-east direction.

The best Vastu consultant in Delhi suggests that the stove should not be visible from the main door or window, otherwise, there is a possibility of a crisis for the family.

Vastu defects continues…………………….

Eating in the west direction brings satisfaction, happiness, and peace. Hence the dining room should be in the west. If this is not possible, place the dining table in the west direction.

Make windows, gates, nets, and verandas, etc. in the north and east directions of the house and keep open space. Take care that no part of the house is circular. Keep in mind that the neighbor’s washing machine, drying clothes, etc. are not visible from the window of your house.

If the northwest corner of the house is contaminated, then the family faces many problems. To get rid of this defect, fill a pitcher with rainwater and cover it with an earthen pot and press it into the northeast.

Vastu defects continues…………………….

The staircase is inauspicious when you open the door. If the stairs in your house are in this position, put a curtain between them.

Faults with Vastu: – If there is a high building or building in the northern direction of the Ishanmukhi plot, then the women residing in that house become Sick or unwell. Along with this, economic crises also have to be faced.

Prevention: – In order to remove the above-mentioned architectural defects, a path should be made between the tall north-facing building and the building i.e. leave a blank space for the passage. By this, the Vastu Dosha or Vedha Dosha will be eliminated due to the construction of the altar due to the high building, the path between it and the plot.