Which Tree Should Be Planted In Which Direction Of The House, Know The Benefits

Which tree should be planted in which direction of the house know the benefits

It is important to know which tree, tree, or plant should be planted in the direction of the house and which is not. If there are negative trees around the house, it causes problems in life. Let’s know the Vastu rules of the tree by the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon:

Which planet of which tree: It is said that trees which are tall and strong and hard-stemmed (rosewood etc.) have special authority over the sun. Lunar trees (cedar etc.) have a lunar effect. Lata, Valli, etc. have the right to the Moon and Venus. Rahu and Ketu have special authority over shrubby plants. Trees that do not have special juice, weak, unpleasant to look at and dry trees have the right to Saturn. All fruitful trees are in the square of Jupiter, Mercury on trees without fruit, and Venus on smooth, flowering smooth trees.

Sun’s direction is east, Jupiter’s direction is north, Mars’s direction is south, Saturn’s direction is west.

1. East direction: Due to the banyan tree in the east direction of the house, all the wishes are fulfilled, but it should not cast a shadow on the house and the shadow of the house should not be seen on it. In the past, Peepal brings fear and poverty. The fruitful tree in the east leads to the loss of progeny.

However, planting peepal and banyan trees towards the east of the house is not auspicious. These indicate signs of health loss, loss of prestige, and deficiency. Plants of rose, Champa, sycamore, jasmine, Bella, durva, tulsi, etc. should be planted in the east direction of the house. This results in enmity, an increase of wealth, and child happiness.

2. West: The thorny tree in the west creates fear of the enemy. The peepal tree is auspicious in the west. In the south and west area of ​​the house tall trees (coconut ashokadi) should be planted. This increases auspiciousness.

3. Uttar Disha: Planting basil, cath, pakad, or banana tree in Ishaan or north brings happiness, peace, and prosperity in the house. The very auspicious fruit of this plant is found here. But if there are sycamore and lemon tree, then diseases related to the eyes will arise. By planting fruitful trees in the north direction, child suffering or wisdom is also destroyed.

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4. Ishaan: Planting basil, cath, pakad, or banana tree in the north or north brings happiness, peace, and prosperity in the home. You can apply langjira in the northeast. Plants with flowers, vine and vines, and plants with medicinal properties like basil, amla, etc. should be planted in the garden of the northeast. Amla can also be planted in Ishaan at some distance from the house.

5. South: Rose, sycamore, well, coconut, Ashoka, and neem tree in the south direction of the house is auspicious. Fruit trees should be auspicious towards the backyard or south side of the house. There are diseases in the house due to having thorny trees and plants in this direction. Tulsi plant tortures hard.

Wealth is destroyed by planting milkweed trees in the south. Planting trees of Gulmohar, Pakdar, jackfruit causes unforeseen hostility, economic destruction, discontent, and discord. The person who wants to get rid of the troubles and remain healthy should plant a Neem tree in the south of the house. You can apply neem a little away from the shade of the house.

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6. Agni kone: Palash, Dhaka, Javakusum, Banyan, Pomegranate, Red Rose are inauspicious and painful towards southeast direction ie Agni kone. In this direction, red flowering trees and vines, and thorn trees are considered harmful and mortal.

We all have some money. We all want our wealth keeps increasing day by day. Let us know in which direction we should put our wealth, precious materials, and jewelry in order to increase the quadruple in it.

East direction: It is very auspicious to keep the property and safe of the house here, due to which the available material keeps increasing.

West direction: If wealth and property are kept here, then the head of the household is able to earn money with great difficulty.

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North Direction: The cupboard in which the cash and jewelry are kept, should be kept in the north-facing room of the wardrobe building with the south wall. Keeping this way will keep the cupboard open towards the north, there will always be an increase in the money and jewelry kept in it.

South direction: Keeping money, gold, silver, and jewelry in this direction does not harm, but the increase is also not special.

Keeping the vault under the stairs is not auspicious. Vault should not be placed in front of stairs or toilets. Negative energy is produced by junk or spider webs in the vaulted room.

It is very auspicious to place a picture of Lakshmi Ji sitting on the right of the home chest, in which two elephants are seen raising trunks. The color of the vaulted room should be cream.