Why To Worship Vastu Purush And Tips For Placement Of Temple In The House

Why to worship Vastu Purush and tips for placement of Temple in the House
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Have you ever felt the need to enhance the positive energies in your home? The ancient practice of Vastu Shastra offers insights into achieving harmony by worshipping Vastu Purush and strategically placing your home temple. In this article, we'll delve into the reasons behind worshipping Vastu Purush and provide you with expert tips to ensure the ideal placement of a temple within your house. Let's explore how these practices can transform your living space into a sanctuary of positivity, tranquility, and spiritual connection.

Why To Worship Vastu Purush And Tips For Placement Of Temple In The House

The significance of Vastu Purush in our lives is immense. As per Vastu Shastra, Vastu Purush is the cosmic energy that governs the harmony and balance of our surroundings. Worshipping Vastu Purush is believed to appease this cosmic energy, inviting prosperity and happiness into our lives.

Embracing the Positive Energies

Worshipping Vastu Purush involves acknowledging and seeking blessings from the energies that govern the various directions and elements within a structure. This practice aims to create a harmonious environment that resonates with the natural forces, thereby promoting well-being and positive vibrations.

The Essence of Home Temple

A home temple serves as a sacred space for connecting with the divine and finding solace in our busy lives. It's not just a physical structure but a source of spiritual energy that radiates positivity. Proper placement of the temple within your home amplifies these positive vibrations and fosters a serene atmosphere.

Expert Tips for Temple Placement

Achieving the perfect placement of a home temple requires a deep understanding of Vastu principles. Here are some expert tips to guide you:

1. Choose an Auspicious Direction

Selecting the right direction for placing the temple is crucial. East, North, or Northeast directions are considered highly auspicious as they align with the flow of positive energies. Avoid placing the temple in the South direction, as it may disrupt the energy balance.

2. Temple in the Prayer Room

If you have a designated prayer or meditation room, it's an ideal spot for your home temple. This area is already charged with spiritual energy, making it conducive for daily rituals and worship.

3. Respect the Space

Regardless of the size of your home, ensure that the temple doesn't overwhelm the room. The temple should be proportionate to the available space, allowing for easy movement and creating a sense of balance.

4. Altar Placement

Place the deity's idol or image in a way that it faces East or West. This aligns with the solar energy and aids in the flow of positive vibrations during worship.

5. Keep It Clean and Well-Lit

Maintain cleanliness around the temple area and ensure proper lighting. A well-lit space enhances positivity and creates a serene ambiance for your prayers.

6. Avoid Clutter

Keep the temple area clutter-free. Remove unnecessary items, and avoid placing items unrelated to worship in the temple space.


Creating a harmonious and spiritually charged living space through Vastu principles is a rewarding endeavor. By worshipping Vastu Purush and carefully placing your home temple, you can invite positive energies, enhance your well-being, and establish a strong connection with the divine. Remember, the key lies in embracing the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra and integrating it into your modern lifestyle.


Q: Can I place the temple in my bedroom?

Absolutely! Placing a temple in the bedroom is acceptable as long as it adheres to Vastu principles. Ensure that the temple faces the appropriate direction and doesn't disrupt the room's harmony.

Q: What if I have limited space for a home temple?

Even with limited space, you can create a beautiful and spiritually charged temple corner. Use wall-mounted shelves or compact altars to optimize the available area.

Q: Can I keep multiple deities in the same temple?

Yes, you can keep multiple deities in the same temple, but it's essential to maintain a harmonious arrangement. Each deity should have its designated space, and the overall arrangement should feel balanced.

Q: Is it necessary to perform daily rituals at the home temple?

Daily rituals are recommended, as they help maintain the spiritual energy of the temple. However, the frequency and extent of the rituals can vary based on your personal beliefs and practices.

Q: Can I relocate the home temple once it's set up?

It's best to avoid relocating the temple once it's established, as it may disrupt the energy flow you've created. If relocation is necessary, consult a Vastu expert for guidance.

Q: Can I place photographs of ancestors in the home temple?

Yes, placing photographs of ancestors in the home temple is a respectful practice. It allows you to pay homage to your ancestors while seeking their blessings.

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