Important Things To Know Before Buying A House Shop Or Plot As Per Vastu

Important Things to Know Before Buying a House Shop or Plot as Per Vastu

The best Vastu experts in Delhi say that before purchasing a house shop or plot the texture environment and infrastructure around it should be reviewed.

Choosing land is not as easy as people understand. Special attention should also be given to the water system along with the environment of the place where Vastu work is to be done.

Know these special things as per the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR

According to Vastu, there should not be dirty sewer and workshop, etc. in any place nearby the house, shop, or plot is being purchased.

Never buy the last house in the queue of any street or accommodation. A house built on the roadside is also not auspicious.

Never buy tri-colored land with three angles. On one side more wide and one side less wide is also inauspicious.

Wind water lights broad lane and should be settled in the city and colony suited to your name.

Do not build houses in slopes and submerged spaces.

The kitchen garden fountain etc should not be built in front of the main gate.

There should not be a boundary wall in front of the main gate.

If the shadow of a public tank falls on the house then that house is not habitable.

If there is a small house between two big houses then a small house is harmful to the occupants.

Temples mosques minarets or sewers around the houses are not auspicious.

There should be no temple mosque  Dharamshala school and college within approximately eighteen hundred feet of the intended house. There should not be a temple of Shiva  Vishnu and Durga in front of the main gate of the house.

As far as possible all the works and transactions of building construction should be done on the auspicious month auspicious date and work only with the advice of a qualified astrologer.