Study In The Room According To Vastu. Know How!

Study in the room according to Vastu

We all love our study room. We also decorate it every day, but many times we do not know what Vastu defects that room suffers from. Let’s read some important information as given by the best Vastu consultant in Noida:

* It is advantageous to make a study room in the west-central area of ​​the house. In this direction, Mercury, Guru, Chandra, and Venus get the best effect from the four planets. Students studying in the room of this direction have increased intelligence from Mercury planet, increase in ambition and curious thoughts in Guru planet, growth of new ideas from moon and talent speech from Venus planet, and increase in skill and wealth in writing arts.

Room according to Vastu continued………..

* In the study room, the student’s table should be in the east or northeast, or west. South or Agni koon or north-western corners should be avoided to avoid loss of concentration.

* Do not place the window or skylight in the study room in the east or north or west, possibly in the south or south, and never build toilets in the study hall.

* Color combination of the study room is white, drab, faded sky blue or light turquoise color is best on walls and table-furniture. Black, red, dark blue colors should not be in the room. It is advantageous to build in the west-central area of ​​the study hall. In this direction, the best effects are obtained from the planets Mercury, Guru, Moon, and Venus. Students studying in the room of this direction get increased intelligence from Mercury, ambition from Guru.

Room according to Vastu continued………..

* The entrance of the study hall should be in the east north- central or west. South should not be in  Agni or north-western kone.

Rake & table of practice books in the study room should be attached to the north wall.

Drinking water, temple, the clock should be kept in the north or east direction in the study room.

Do not keep TVs, magazines and CD players and video games, scrap paper, waste items, and heavy items in the study room.

Idealistic pictures, pictures of Saraswati Mata, and gurus should be installed in the study room.

Pictures and idols of war, fight-fights, violent animals, and birds should not be kept.

Do not sleep in study hall.

Room according to Vastu continued………..

* Do not keep the study room higher or lower than the ground floor of other rooms. The slope of the floor should be kept towards the east or north.

* Only meditation, spiritual reading, discussion, and study should be done in the study room. Do not discuss gossip indulgence and vulgar acts.

* Should not enter the study room while wearing shoes or socks.

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