Graha Pravesh Sleeping Posture And Positive Vastu

Happiness is different when it comes to Graha Pravesh of your new home. irrespective if the house is bought or rented. Going to live in a new house means enthusiasm to live your life in a new way. These things suggested by the best Vastu experts in Delhi should be kept in mind before moving to your new home.

First of all determine the date and time of home admission keeping in mind the day date war and constellation for Graha Pravesh. Keep in mind the auspicious time for Graha Pravesh. Enlist the help of a learned Brahmin who can complete the worship of the house entrance by doing a proper chanting.

The month of Magh Phalgun Vaishakh Jyeshtha is said to be the best time to enter the home. Ashadh Shravan Bhadrapada Ashwin Paush are not considered auspicious in this regard.

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Graha Pravesh is not done on Tuesday also under special circumstances home entry is done on Sunday and Saturday also. Home entry can be done on any of the remaining days of the week. Except for Amavasya and Poornima Shukla Paksha two three five seven ten eleventh twelth and thirteenth are considered very auspicious for Graha Pravesh.

Worship materials are Kalash coconut pure water kumkum rice abir gulal dhoopbatti five auspicious things mango or Ashoka leaves yellow turmeric jaggery rice milk etc will be planted.

One should do Griha Pravesh with a Mangal Kalash.

Now that you have done Graha Pravesh let us know some important things from the Topmost Vastu consultant in Delhi about how you should live through the coming seasons and also information about your sleeping postures.

If you follow all the seven rules of sleeping you will always be unhappy. Therefore please make sure that you don t do the same mistakes. How we sleep can impact a lot of aspects of our lives so we need to know how to sleep which will make our health healthy and healthy and do not let our age deteriorate. Sleeping is an important part of our daily routine. According to Sushruta Samhita you should always sleep towards the east and south. Head towards north or west should not sleep.

Let s know what is important to keep in mind before sleeping as per the Vastu expert in Ghaziabad

Heading towards the east one gets wisdom by sleeping.
Mental disorders are obtained by sleeping towards the west.
Heading towards the north leads to loss of sleep and loss of life.
Heading towards the south leads to age increase in age by sleeping.
Do not sleep during the day diseases are caused by sleeping during the day. According to the Sushruta Samhita sleeping is prohibited during the day in all seasons but sleeping during the day is not prohibited in summer.
Before going to bed tilak should be discarded from the forehead and the flower should be discarded from the head.
Do not sleep on a bed made of bamboo or Palash wood and hang your head down

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Many times despite having a very clean clear and beautiful house there is no peace in the house. All of the family. All Members also love each other a lot but still there is a lot of discord in the house unknowingly then you do not understand why it is happening that even if all kinds of comforts are there there will be fighting all our Lives That too on very trivial matters .If you want peace by removing discord in the house keep these things

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Place a bouquet of flowers in the drawingroom.
Impure clothes should not be placed in the center of the entrance of the house.
According to Vastu there should not be a Devasthan in the kitchen.
The householders bedroom should not have pictures of God or objects of religious importance.
There should not be any contact with the wall of the Devasthan in the house.