The Root Of These Plants Will Change Your Luck, Know How That

The root of these plants will change your luck know how that

The root of these plants will change your luck, know how...

Apart from Ayurveda, one gets to read and hear about many miracle plants in the local culture of India. It is said that there is such a herb that when eaten, as long as its effect remains, the person remains invisible. There is also such a herb, by consuming which a person gets the knowledge of past and future. There are some plants on the basis of which gold can be made. Similarly, it is said that those who have the plant that gives money, they can not only become rich, but they can also get many miraculous achievements.

Are there really such plants and herbs that by planting in the house or courtyard can end your bad days and start good days? It is read in many scriptures that wealth, fame, fame, respect etc can be achieved through herbs. You might have similar herbs lying around. If you bring them home, you can get all kinds of comforts and facilities.

Actually, we are telling you about the roots of such plants whose use can change your luck. However, bring these roots to the house only after asking a knowledgeable person. The information being given here has been collected from different sources. While it can be challenging to determine how much of this is accurate. Learn about these roots :-

Root of Baheda:- Bring the root of Baheda tree and a leaf of it in Pushya Nakshatra and keep it at the place where money is kept. With this experiment there will never be poverty in the house. Apart from this, bring behde leaf in Purva Falguni Nakshatra and keep it in the house, the house will be free from the effect of upper winds.

Mangalya: The herb named Mangalya is also a tantric action killer.
Root of Dhatura:- Many tantric experiments are done for the root of Dhatura. By installing it in your house, worshiping Mahakali and chanting 'Kreen' seed, you get freedom from money related problems. Bring the root of Dhatura in Ashlesha Nakshatra and keep it in the house, snake will not come in the house and even if it comes, it will not cause any harm.

Root of Black Dhatura:- Its plant is same as normal Dhatura, yes its flowers are of dark purple color instead of white and the leaves also have blackness. Keeping its root in the house on Sunday, Tuesday or any auspicious constellation does not affect the upper air in the house, happiness remains and wealth increases.

Madar's Root: - Holding the Madar's root brought in Ravi Pushpa Nakshatra in the right hand increases economic prosperity. Bring the root of Aak in Ardra Nakshatra and tie it around your neck like a talisman for victory in court cases.

Hatha Jodi: - It is used in the prevention of Hatha Jodi lawsuit, enemy conflict, poverty etc. Its vashikaran is used in tantric method. After proving it, it is tied in a red colored cloth and kept in a safe place in the house or in a vault. This increases income and gives relief from all kinds of troubles.

Bela root :- Bela flowers are used to remove the problem of marriage. It has another species called Mogra or Motiya. Bela flowers are white in colour. Motiya flowers are round like pearls. A woman should keep the root of Jupiter and a man the root of Venus.

Root of jasmine:- Tie the root of jasmine around your neck in Anuradha Nakshatra, enemies will also become friends. Vishnukanta's plant is also an enemy killer.

Root of Champa:- Bring the root of Champa in Hasta Nakshatra and tie it around the child's neck. This remedy will protect the child from evil spirits and evil eye.

Root of Shankhpushpi:- Bring the root of Shankhpushpi in Ravi-Pushya Nakshatra and keep it in a silver box and keep it in the tirori of the house. It is the giver of wealth and prosperity.

Root of Tulsi :- Bring Tulsi root in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra and wear it on the brain. This will get rid of the fear of fire.

Root of Dudhi:- To get happiness, bring the root of Dudhi in Punarvasu Nakshatra and apply it on the body.

Lemon root:- Bring lemon root in Uttara Falguni Nakshatra and mix it with cow's milk and give it to a childless woman. By this experiment he will get a son.

Black castor root: Bring castor root in Shravan Nakshatra and tie it around the neck of a childless woman. With this experiment, he will get a child.

Latjeera:- Make ashes by burning the root of Latjeera. Drinking it with milk brings the ability of progeny.

Uses of Apamarg: Apamarg comes in the work of gambling. It also has many uses. One experiment is to bring the root of Apamarg in Ashwini Nakshatra and keep it in a talisman and go to a meeting, the people of the meeting will be subdued.

Root of Sankhahuli: Bring the root of Sankhahuli in Bharani Nakshatra and root it in a talisman and wear it around the neck, then people of the opposite sex will start getting attracted towards you.