If The Door Of The House Is Not Properly Placed As Per Vastu

If the door of the house is not properly placed as per Vastu

Vastu and astrology tell many important things regarding the door of the house. We have brought here information for you about some doors that cause problems in the house. Knowing these you can be cautious, As suggested by the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon:

Do not have such doors-

– Open well should not be in front of the main gate.
– There should not be three doors in a straight line.
– Do not make entry doors in the very corner of the house.
– There is no pit or direct passage in front of the main gate.
– Should not be a paved door.
– There should be no stairs to go up in front of the door.
– The main gate of the house should not open outwards.
– There should not be a door that opens or closes on its own.

Door of the house continues……………

– The upper floor doors of the house should be slightly smaller than the lower floor doors.
– There should not be a tree, pillar, wall, DP, hand pump, mud, etc. in front of the door.
– Some doors are such that they windows, such doors can have Vaastu defects.
– The main gate should not be triangular, circular, square, or polygon-shaped.
– There should be no garbage house, dilapidated building, or anything negative in front of the main gate.
– The main door should be small and the door behind it should not be big. The main door should be large.
– If there are two main gates in the house, then there can be Vastu defects. Only one main entrance to the house should be large.

Some important rules of the door: –

* There should be two entrances in the house. One big one small.
All windows and doors of the house should be at the same height.
The door of the stairs should face north or south direction.
The main gate of the house should not be located in the middle or right of the house, or contact the architect.
Put Ganeshji’s picture out above the door of the house. Write auspiciousness and benefits to the right and left and put a doorway on the door with balloons, carvings, or beautiful pictures.
* Take care, never put a picture of any of your guru or any other goddess or deity outside the door. According to Vastu, this is not appropriate.

Door direction

1. East – If the door is east facing, then it will be auspicious but there is no guarantee. This can drown a person in debt. However, this door provides versatile growth and prosperity.

2. Agneya- The door of the fiery angle is the cause of illness and wheezing. This door stops all kinds of progress. Continuing financial loss.

3. South-South direction door increases financial and mental troubles. It also causes death.

4. Nayantya- Being the gateway in this direction means inviting troubles. Due to the increase in the south-west angle, unbearable health pains and other serious troubles arise and if it is left open, then no kind of problem is made at home.

5.West- The door of the house ends by having the door in the west direction. It will give a profit to your business, but this profit will be temporary. However, it is not necessary that the door of the west direction will always be at a disadvantage.

Door of the house continues……………

6.Yavya- If it is in the north and west direction, it not only gives you prosperity, it has also been seen that this situation increases the interest of any member living in the building in spirituality. If the angle is dirty then there will be a loss.

7. Uttar- North door is always beneficial. In this direction, the house should have the highest window, balcony, and doors. The gate of the north direction brings prosperity, fame, and happiness.

8. Ishan- If the door is in Ishan then it is a treasure of peace, progress, prosperity, and happiness. The Vastu outside the Darwaja of the Ishan angle should also be good.