Know Why To Keep A Turtle At Home As Per Vastu Feng Shui

Know why to keep a turtle at home as per Vastu Feng Shui

According to Vastu Feng Shui, the tortoise is the guardian of the north. The best Vastu experts in Delhi say to keep a turtle filled with water in a metal plate in the north direction of the house. The turtle’s mouth should be in the north direction. Tortoise is a lifespan and promotes life. According to Vastu and Feng Shui, the aura generated by a tortoise is an effective device, by which the Vastu dosha is eliminated and happiness in the home.

* The turtle is considered a calm and slow-moving long-lived creature.
* Turtle is important because in mythology Lord Vishu took an avatar in the life of a Turtle. Therefore it is also considered a symbol of auspiciousness

Vastu Feng Shui continued……………

In relation to the turtle, it is believed that keeping the symbol of the turtle in the house leads to continued economic progress.
The turtle symbol should never be kept in the bedroom.
The best place for a turtle has been considered the drawing-room.
It is always fruitful to keep the mouth of the turtle always inside the house.
According to the scriptures, east and north directions are considered best for the establishment of turtles.
Keeping the turtle symbol in the house brings positive energy.