4 Measures Of Alum Will Remove Vaastu Defects, Debt Relief And Money

4 measures of alum will remove Vaastu defects, debt relief and money

Alum will help in removing Vastu defects in every aspect according to the best Vastu consultant in Delhi, See how:

1. Vastu Badosh Mukti: Open the window, door, or balloon of the room in your house in a direction where a

ruined house is situated. Or if there is a desolate land or plot lying there, or a house that has been closed for years,

a cremation ground or a cemetery is located, then it is very inauspicious.

2. To ensure the flow of positive energy in such a house, put some small alum pieces, etc. in a glass plate near

the window or door or balcony and keep changing them every month from the rules, then one gets relief from

Vastu defects. Apart from this, by placing 50 grams of alum in each room of the house and in any corner of the

office, the Vaastu defect there is reduced to some extent.

Debt relief continues………………..

3. Succeed in business: Offer 5 pieces of alum, 6 blue flowers, and 1 waist belt to the goddess on the day of

Navami. On the day of Dashami, give the belt to a girl, put blue flowers in running water, and keep a piece of

alum in it. If you keep these pieces with you while giving interviews, then you will get success. Secondly, if you are going for any important business-related work, then you will keep the pieces of alum with you,

then you will definitely get success.

4. For debt relief: Tie a little alum and vermilion on a betel leaf and press it under a peepal tree on Wednesday morning or evening. If you do this work on three Wednesdays then you will get the benefit.