Top Vastu Consultant On Children

Top vastu consultant on children

As per top vastu consultant on children happiness is the greatest happiness in the world for parents. If it has been a few years of marriage and the child is not getting happiness even after wishing, then along with physical therapy for this, if you try these eleven tips of Vastu then it may be that the attainment of progeny will be made.

1. Couples who wish to have children, put a picture of Shri Krishna’s childhood in their bedroom.

2. If you do not want to put the picture of Shri Krishna in child form, then you can also put a picture of a beautiful child smiling.

3. If we put a picture of Shri Krishna’s body, it will have two advantages. The first is that children will get happiness and the second is that children will have the same quality as Shri Krishna.

4. Children may keep a picture or statue of an elephant in the bedroom if there is a hindrance to happiness.

5. It is believed that children keep green flute hidden in their bed to get pleasure.

Children vastu continues,

6. The wife should always sleep on the husband’s left side. Spouse beds should not be under roof beams.

7. Any architectural defect in the north-east, such as heavy construction, cut-off, or high elevation of the north-east angle, staircase, toilet, etc., prevents child happiness. Therefore, if there is an architectural flaw in the northeast, then first remedy the defect.

8. The main gate of the house, the Pushpdant post in the west or the main post in the north, or the Mon / Kuber post in the north on being opened, the possibility of having a child increases significantly.

9. The main door of the house is the east side’s post office If it opens, girls are born.

10. Jupiter is the natural factor of the planet. Force Jupiter.

11. If the husband can get the wife, then he should sleep in the room of Vyavya direction. After conceiving, the couple should sleep in the bedroom of the south or south.

If children do not feel like studying, then do 5 Vastu measures [ Top vastu consultant ]

It is important to know why the child is not interested in reading. If your child does not feel like studying, then you can do 5 remedies according to Vastu.

1. Direction of study: Study room can be made in East, Isha, North, Vayavya, West and South. Especially East, North and Vayavya are best in this. If there is no room or you cannot make it, then keep the study table in this direction.

2. Picture at the place of study: Put a picture of Maa Saraswati, Ved Vyas or any child studying in the reading room. Apart from this, put a picture of a green parrot so that the child will immediately feel like reading. On the north wall, pictures of parrots, chirping birds, peacock, harp, pen, book, swan, fish, jumping fish or dolphin can be placed.

3. Where is the child’s face: The child’s face should be towards the north of the house and the pictures should also be placed on the north wall.

4. What should be behind the back: Children should not have a door or window behind their back. If there is a wall behind their back then it will work.

5. Color of the Walls: Keep the color of the walls of the study room white, pinkish or cream. Avoid dark colors.

Follow these tips from the [ Top vastu consultant ] and feel the difference in your lives.

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