What Vastu Says About Keeping Turtles At Home.

What Vastu says about keeping turtles at home

Our India is such a country where trees and plants and animals are also worshiped along with Gods and Goddesses. Different gods and goddesses ride as different animals. While Rat Ganesha is riding, mother Gauri rides Lion. Bholenath Nandi sits on the bull. Similarly, Kachhap (tortoise) is considered a symbol of Lord Vishnu due to the Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu.

It is believed that Maa Lakshmi is very fickle, she does not stay in anyone’s home. But if you always want to keep Maa Lakshmi in your house, then please keep Shri Hari Vishnu and the things related to them in your house. Mother Lakshmi will always reside with you. Let’s see how as per the best Vastu experts in Delhi:

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Maa Lakshmi’s abode means wealth, splendor, and prosperity. Now, in today’s age, who does not like wealth, dignity, fame, that is, everyone likes it.

In this sequence, the tortoise is considered a symbol of Lord Vishnu. Both of these are considered a sign of auspiciousness. It is also very important in Vastu. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the turtle in the house brings positive energy and auspiciousness. There is happiness in the house. All work is completed smoothly. By staying positive, people are happy, so that their health also remains good.

Turtles attract positivity. This creates a good atmosphere in the house. If you are suffering from insomnia, keep it in your sleeping house. Will sleep well.

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The turtle needs to be reared with a lot of love and love. Take care of them like your child. By doing this, the relationship becomes stronger. It attracts wealth, wealth, peace, good fortune, and prosperity. Its longevity indicates indestructibility. It also blesses the people living at home with long life and a healthy life.

Do keep them in water, it doubles its effect. It also helps in getting good employment. Whenever you bring the turtle home, take special care of these things. It is necessary to know the Wild Conservation Act before bringing the tortoise home. Because some of its species are forbidden (prohibition).

They are very easy to raise because they eat very little. Some species eat at a difference of one day. So there is no need to be upset. There is no need to feed more. Change their water every day or at least every other day. They eat very little, so take special care of their nutrition. Nowadays their food is also available in the markets. You can feed it if you want.

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Keep them in the sun, sunlight is very important for their good health. Vitamin D, which is mixed with sunlight, can also cause death. You should bring them at home only when you are able to take good care of them, otherwise, if not properly followed, you may have to face negative consequences.

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