Know Which Planets Affect Your House From Which Direction

Know which planets affect your house from which direction

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, emphasizes the harmony between nature, architecture, and human well-being. One critical aspect of Vastu is the influence of planets on living spaces. The positions of planets in relation to your house's directions can significantly impact the energy within. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into how different planets affect your house and the directions they influence, according to Vastu principles.

Know Which Planets Affect Your House From Which Direction according to Vastu

Vastu emphasizes that each planet is associated with a specific direction, and its influence can either enhance or disrupt the energy flow in your home. By understanding these connections, you can take appropriate measures to optimize your living space. Let's explore how each planet affects your house and the direction it influences:

East direction-

Sun is the planet in the east. The door or window of the house should be in this direction or keep it empty. Due to contamination of this direction, there is a possibility of quarreling with father, trouble with government or government job, brain weakness, fever, headache, jaundice, eye, heart, skin, decay and unstable diseases, etc.

Aagney kon-

The planet Venus is in Agni Kone direction. There should be a gas, boiler, transformer, kitchen, etc. in this direction. Contamination of this direction can cause an obstruction in female pleasure, trouble with the vehicle, anorexia for makeup, impotence, hernia, diabetes, metallic and urinary diseases, uterine diseases, etc.

Dakshin Disha-

Mars is in the south direction. Keep heavy household items in this direction. If this direction is corrupted then the homeowner will suffer, bitterness from brothers, excess of anger, and accidents increase. There is a possibility of getting blood pressure, blood disorders, leprosy, boils, piles, smallpox, plague, etc.

Nairty kon-

Rahu and Ketu are planets in this direction. The head of the house, cash counter, machines, etc. can be kept in this direction. Due to contamination of this direction, there is a possibility of untimely death in the family, problems with grandfather or maternal grandfather, ghosts, fear of witchcraft, skin, leprosy, brain, fingering, blood disorders, pain, smallpox, cholera, skin diseases, etc. is.

Pashchim Disha-

Saturn is in the west direction. There should be a kitchen or toilet in this direction. If there is a defect in the west direction, there is a possibility of job disturbance, air disorders, paralysis, spinal discomfort, fear of ghosts, smallpox, cancer, leprosy, epilepsy, impotence, problems in the legs, etc.

Vaayavy kon-

There is a lunar planet in this direction. Your bedroom, garage, cowshed, etc. should be in this direction. Due to the contamination of this direction, there is a possibility of having bitterness, mental troubles, insomnia, asthma, respiratory diseases, phlegm, colds, colds, urinary diseases, menstrual diseases, gallstones, pneumonia, etc.

Uttar Disha-

Mercury is in the north direction. In this direction, there should be a window, door, the balcony of the house, or the main gate. Due to defects in this direction, there is a possibility of a lack of knowledge and intelligence, speech defects, loss of memory, epilepsy, brain, throat, or nose diseases, mania, hallucinations, loss of business, doubtfulness, bitterness in relation to maternal uncle, etc.

Ishaan kon-

Jupiter is a planet in this direction. In this direction, boring, panderi, swimming pool, shrine, or house should be the main gate. If this direction is corrupted then worship, lack of faith in Gods and Gurus, decrease in income, decrease in accumulated wealth, delay in marriage, delay in childbirth, unconsciousness, abdominal disorder, ear disease, arthritis, constipation, insomnia, etc. There is a possibility of happening.


Understanding the influence of planets on your house according to Vastu principles can lead to a harmonious and balanced living space. By aligning the energies of different planets with the corresponding directions, you can create an environment that promotes well-being, prosperity, and positive relationships. Remember, a well-balanced and positive living space starts with acknowledging and optimizing the planetary influences around you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How can I determine the planetary influence on my house?

To determine the planetary influence on your house, you can consult a Vastu expert who will analyze the birth charts of the residents and the house's layout. They will provide insights into the planets' positions and their effects.

Q: Can planetary influences be harmful?

While planetary influences can be beneficial, excessive or imbalanced energies can lead to disruptions in the household. It's crucial to maintain harmony by following Vastu remedies and guidelines.

Q: What are some remedies for mitigating negative planetary influences?

Remedies can include performing specific Vastu rituals, using gemstones associated with favorable planets, and creating a harmonious environment through proper placement of furniture and decor.

Q: How often should I assess planetary influences in my home?

It's recommended to assess planetary influences periodically, especially during significant life changes or when you sense a shift in energy within your home.

Q: Can I enhance positive planetary influences through interior design?

Yes, interior design plays a significant role in enhancing positive planetary influences. By using colors, symbols, and elements associated with specific planets, you can amplify their positive energies.

Q: Is Vastu applicable only to homeowners, or can renters also benefit?

Vastu principles can benefit both homeowners and renters. Making mindful adjustments to your living space, even if you're a renter, can positively impact your environment and energy.

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