Know Which Planets Affect Your House From Which Direction

Know which planets affect your house from which direction

Know which planets affect your house from which direction:-If the moon is good in your horoscope, you will get the happiness of mother and vehicle, etc. But if the direction of the moon in the house is polluted, then this happiness will be reduced or not, because the planets located in the directions of the house have good and bad effects. Let’s know from the best Vastu consultant in Delhi:

East direction-

Sun is the planet in the east. The door or window of the house should be in this direction or keep it empty. Due to contamination of this direction, there is a possibility of quarreling with father, trouble with government or government job, brain weakness, fever, headache, jaundice, eye, heart, skin, decay and unstable diseases, etc.

Aagney kon-

The planet Venus is in Agni Kone direction. There should be a gas, boiler, transformer, kitchen, etc. in this direction. Contamination of this direction can cause an obstruction in female pleasure, trouble with the vehicle, anorexia for makeup, impotence, hernia, diabetes, metallic and urinary diseases, uterine diseases, etc.

Dakshin Disha-

Mars is in the south direction. Keep heavy household items in this direction. If this direction is corrupted then the homeowner will suffer, bitterness from brothers, excess of anger, and accidents increase. There is a possibility of getting blood pressure, blood disorders, leprosy, boils, piles, smallpox, plague, etc.

Nairty kon-

Rahu and Ketu are planets in this direction. The head of the house, cash counter, machines, etc. can be kept in this direction. Due to contamination of this direction, there is a possibility of untimely death in the family, problems with grandfather or maternal grandfather, ghosts, fear of witchcraft, skin, leprosy, brain, fingering, blood disorders, pain, smallpox, cholera, skin diseases, etc. is.

Pashchim Disha-

Saturn is in the west direction. There should be a kitchen or toilet in this direction. If there is a defect in the west direction, there is a possibility of job disturbance, air disorders, paralysis, spinal discomfort, fear of ghosts, smallpox, cancer, leprosy, epilepsy, impotence, problems in the legs, etc.

Vaayavy kon-

There is a lunar planet in this direction. Your bedroom, garage, cowshed, etc. should be in this direction. Due to the contamination of this direction, there is a possibility of having bitterness, mental troubles, insomnia, asthma, respiratory diseases, phlegm, colds, colds, urinary diseases, menstrual diseases, gallstones, pneumonia, etc.

Uttar Disha-

Mercury is in the north direction. In this direction, there should be a window, door, the balcony of the house, or the main gate. Due to defects in this direction, there is a possibility of a lack of knowledge and intelligence, speech defects, loss of memory, epilepsy, brain, throat, or nose diseases, mania, hallucinations, loss of business, doubtfulness, bitterness in relation to maternal uncle, etc.

Ishaan kon-

Jupiter is a planet in this direction. In this direction, boring, panderi, swimming pool, shrine, or house should be the main gate. If this direction is corrupted then worship, lack of faith in Gods and Gurus, decrease in income, decrease in accumulated wealth, delay in marriage, delay in childbirth, unconsciousness, abdominal disorder, ear disease, arthritis, constipation, insomnia, etc. There is a possibility of happening.