Vastu Remedies for Unmarried Men And Women

Vastu Remedies For Unmarried Men And Women

Vastu Remedies for Unmarried Men And Women

The best Vastu experts in Delhi suggest that if an unmarried young man or a woman who is not getting

married and is facing many obstacles should sleep in the southwest corner of the house southwest direction

this will lead to early marriage. If a family does not have a separate room then sleep in a naira on and get benefits. Do not keep a bouquet of green plants or flowers in the bedroom of single boys or girls. In Feng Shui, it is

considered to be the wood element and the wood element increases the yang energy so if the young energy is high then it will obstruct the marriage.

There should not be any dark and red-coloured flowers in the bedroom because they are not considered auspicious.
White-coloured curtains will be auspicious on white curtains or sleeping beds.
Neither keep the TV telephone or computer in the bedroom nor keep the books because they will obstruct sleeping and will not cause sleep.

Unmarried young women Should never place their heads or feet in front of the door.
If you keep a crystal tree in the southwest corner then it will be better.
Put pictures of a loving couple in a room at the nairitya kon.
You can also put peacock or love birds pictures.
Light pink curtains can be placed in the bedroom.

In this way, if all the measures as suggested by the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon are taken for the unmarried then the hindrance will be removed from the marriage and the chances of getting a good relationship will increase as per Vastu.