How Vastu Energies Can Impact Lives

How Vastu Energies can Impact Lives

The information given here is brief information based on Vastu and astrology. To know in detail one should meet an astrologer and architect. We are here to help you by providing tips from the Topmost Vastu consultant in Delhi. This article should not be considered complete as there can be factors that overturn the below rules which can be only identified by the best Vastu consultant in Delhi

Two houses found on one wall are similar to Yamraj which destroys the homeowner. In Lal Kitab also this type of house is considered bad. Therefore some land should be left for the courtyard around the building and in front of and behind the main gate.

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If the building is to the north or east of the plot it is not auspicious the homeowner of that property faces many issues. It is auspicious if the building is in the middle of the plot.

If there is a dining room in the center of the building the homeowner has to face many problems. His life becomes conflicted. The house will be inauspicious

if there is a lift or toilet in the middle. 

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Due to the construction of the east direction if there is heavy pressure from the west there is a fear of vehicle accidents. Women can be seen as being
tortured in reservoir buildings in the south. Homeowners can also suffer from serious illnesses from the reservoir here.

In the southeast direction of the house, there will be suffering and even untimely death due to having vat peepal semal pakar and the sycamore tree.

Due to the passage or tree in front of the main gate, the homeowner has many diseases.

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Brick ironstone clay and wood These should be installed in new houses. Applying reused wood from one house to another house could even destroy the homeowners.

From the constellation in which the Sun is located, Three constellations are located at the head of Taurus. If griha Pravesh is done In this muhurta the homemaker or house is afraid of catching fire.

Zero fruit in the next four nakshatras from three nakshatras stability in the next four then gains in the next three and benefits in the next four. After this, the hometown is destroyed by performing the homage in the next three. Subsequent constellations are also inauspicious.

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Even during foundation excavation excavation is done only after seeing the position of Rahu s. If excavation is done on the Rahu Kaal then the homeowner will suffer. If there is three zodiac sun from Leo then three zodiac signs from Ishan Scorpio then three zodiac signs from Aquarius Sun is up to three zodiac signs from Aquarius and three zodiac sign from Taurus then Rahu Kaal is facing in the fiery angle.

The shape of the entry gate is also very important to take care of. If there is a double gate from the house then the destruction of wealth is in sight and the homeowner may be involved in litigation etc

If a house is obstructed by the doorway the homeowner dies. The entire clan is destroyed due to door-piercing by street road or road.

The gate that is built above the door is called the face of Yamraj. A house built in the middle of the road which is very wide in width is like a thunderbolt soon causing the destruction of the homemaker.

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The desolation of a Grihapati occurs when the Vedha Shadowed occurs from one house to another. There are many types of shade. If there is a shadow of a temple negative tree flag other tall building mountain etc between ten and three o clock then it is called Chhayavad. Therefore knowing all types of perforation build a house.

We should make sure that we do the Foundation digging Install the main door of the house and at the time of Home entry Graha Pravesh etc in the best Muhurats and follow proper cultural rituals at these times as recommended by your pandit. Prior to this soil testing is done. If all this is done then the homeowner and the house stays protected from any dangers may not be the cause of destruction or even accidental death.