10 Vastu Tips In The Study Room, For Candidates About To Appear In Competitive Exams !

10 Vastu tips in the study room for candidates about to appear in competitive exams

Make your study room as per Vastu as suggested by the best Vastu experts in Delhi, you will get positive energy:

At present, all the students/candidates are living under stress due to increasing competition in the field of education. At such a time, if every parent and student with patience and understanding in the study room with the help of Vastu rules can create such an environment, then the confidence of the concerned candidates and interest in the subject, along with their doubts and worries will end.

Vastu tips in the study room continues……….

By simply being Vastu compliant, your memory and intelligence will also increase, there will be excitement and the mind will be positive, negative thoughts and self-ignorance will also be removed, that is, keeping this in mind, we create positive energy in the study room and Vastu environment will help the students of every field will get the highest success. Then what are you waiting for, follow these tips by the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon in the study room:

  • Use a square table that is equal in four legs.
  • Do not place the table southwest or in front of the door. This leads to the decline of intelligence.
  • Do not attach the table to the door or wall. By which the subject will be remembered, interest will increase.
  • Do not set the table under the light or in its shadow. This will affect the study.
  • Arrange the study room in the north-east or east-facing room, it will be auspicious, inspiring.
  •  Try not to study while sitting in the North-West. Due to this, there will be no mind in studies, concentration will be disturbed.
  • The candidates who live outside the house or in hostels etc. For whom this is not possible, they will install a picture of Maa Saraswati or Ganesh Ji while studying or writing towards the east and worship them before and after the study, then their energy level will also increase.
  • Put idols of Ganesha and green paintings in the northeast.