If Your House Specifications Are Like This As Per Vastu Then Be Cautious

If your House Specifications are Like this as Per Vastu then be Cautious

There is always talk of condition and direction in every field. The condition and direction of your body must also be correct and so is that of the house. The body is also your home and your house in which you live is your big body so

it is important to keep it right inside. It is important to know what should be in the interior of the house. If Vastu is bad then progress will stop tensions will increase disease or peace and prosperity will be destroyed.

Know from the Topmost Vastu consultant in Delhi what kind of Vastu defects your house has by making a note of the below things.

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If any direction is not correct The directions are ten but there is also an eleventh direction which can be considered in the middle where you are standing. These eleven directions northeast east agni south-southwest south and north. Also directions up down and middle.

If the direction of your house is east agni south and south then you will have to take measures. Vastu defects of east and fire-facing houses can be eradicated with a few measures but if there are south and south-facing house it is good to discard it. make the south part weightier with a straight overhead tank cupboard etc

If your house is in east or Agni Kone then there should be no place of worship water can be in eastagni kone. Stair construction toilet drawing-room the store can be constructed here. Apart from this generators electric poles or electric meters etc can be installed in this direction.

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The Brahama Sthan of the house which is incorrect The last and the most important direction in the directions of the house is the Brahama Sthan of the house. Because this direction is in the middle of the house it is connected to every direction of the house so it is common for any direction to have negative effects on this direction.

If the central part is bad then this place of Brahma becomes the place of Ketu. many houses have been observed to have a pit in the middle. It may be that there is a pillar in the middle of the house a toilet or washroom is built or any kind of heavy stuff is kept.

Often people make a late-bath in the middle of a house of fifteen by fifty or twenty by sixty. It is also wrong to keep heavy goods or construction work at this place. This place should be empty like Ishaan.

Some developments keep happening in such houses. Illness sorrow or there is no peace in the minds of the members of the household. By fixing the Brahama Sthan of this house surrounded by troubles everything starts to recover.

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This leads to ease of home family and loss of creative activities. If their issue is present at home then happiness and peace in the family decrease. Distances increase between occupants. There is less heat in the relationship.

The roof of the house Often people do not pay attention to the roof of the house. It is important to know how the roof of the house should be. The roof of the house must be clean. Read below the tips below from the best Vastu experts in Delhi

There should not be any kind of waste on the roof of the house. Like nowadays people leave a part of two-by-two on the roof of the house for light. This will always maintain air pressure in the house which will have a bad effect on health and mind and brain.

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Avoid making slanted roofs make sure that the roof is not slanted in the construction of the roof. This leads to depression and other health problems.

The roof height of the house should also be according to Vastu. If the height is less than 8.5 feet then it brings you many problems and it will be difficult for you to move forward in life. If the house is small the ceiling height should be at least ten to twelve feet. To keep higher than this one should contact the architect.

Do not put any kind of dirt on the roof of the house. Do not keep any kind of bamboo or waste items here. Negative forces are more active in people who have unused items on the roof of their houses. The thoughts of the people living in that house are negative. There are also estrangement situations in the family.

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It is important to know in which direction the water tank should be placed on the roof of the house. The northeast direction is not suitable for keeping a water tank it increases stress and children do not feel comfortable in reading and writing.

The southeast direction is the direction of fire hence it is also not considered suitable for installing a water tank. The combination of fire and water produces severe architectural defects. According to Vastu Vigyan, it is auspicious to be high and heavy from the southwest corner.

Important information regarding the door of the house

The door of the house If the door of the house is in the east north or west direction then it is good. As suggested by the Vastu expert in north Delhi The door of the house should be two-sided and the doors should be even. In which direction the house is most important but it is often seen that there are some houses whose last room of the house can be easily seen by standing at the entrance.

That is after the first room the door of the second room and then the door of the third room are also in the same line. Apart from this, you can also see the rear view of the house from the back door at the end. In such houses, the air enters from outside and exits again through the last gate inside.

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The minds of such household members are never static and there is also an ideological difference among them. The biggest thing is that just like the movement of air there is a movement of events in his life as well. There is an upheaval in the family. Most of the money is spent on illness. It is better to wait for a big event and put a thick cloth curtain in the doors and always keep the back door closed.

Negative Plants and the correct directions Vastu of your house is good but if there are trees and plants circulating negative energy around the house then it will have an adverse effect on your life. Never plant the tree at the main entrance of the house.

There should not be prickly plants trees and vines such as acacia trees cactus plants and wild vines etc Apart from this there should not be any stump of a cut tree around the house. This also reinforces negative energy in the home environment.

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Neem sandalwood lemon mango amla pomegranate etc can be planted outside the house. Also keep in mind that the trees in your courtyard should be numbered two four six eight likewise. Not a subject number. Plant trees in the south or west direction of the house. By the way trees should not be planted in both these directions but only in one direction.

Similarly it is also important to pay attention to which plants you plant or plant in pots inside the house. money plants can plant aromatic plants but it is also important to pay attention to which plant represents which planet. There should be plants that increase the strength of the auspicious planets in your house.

Take care of windows Check that there is an odd number of doors and windows in your house. If so close one of the doors or windows and reduce their number. Apart from this, the house which has windows on either side of the main door is considered inauspicious according to Vastu. If this is the case in your house too then you should plant round leaf plants on both these windows.

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Stairs of the house According to Vastu Shastra stairs should not be constructed in the northeast. This causes economic loss loss of health problems in jobs and business. A ladder on stairs in this direction is considered a symbol of decadence. Stairs in the southeast are also harmful according to Vastu. This causes fluctuations in children s health. There should be no stairs as soon as the main door opens.

Talghar or Basement The houses which have a basement have been called the house of Saturn. If there is kikar mango or palm tree around the house then it will be further confirmed that it is the house of Saturn. The wall behind the basement house can be rough. If that wall falls then Saturn is considered a sign of deterioration. If there is a basement then make this basement according to Vastu or leave it as it is. Never make light for it.

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Generally avoid building seals and rooms in basements in buildings that are below the road level. If it is necessary to build a basement, then some things should be kept in mind while making a basement.

Keep the basement somewhat above the road level. The basement covering the entire plot is appropriate. If the basement is to be constructed in one part of the basement then it should be made only in the North North East and East direction.

The entrance to the basement should be in the northeastern direction. The southwest direction of the basement should be used as heavy goods storage. The west and southwest should be used for servants living or car parking.

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House floor How the floor in the house affects your life. Which tiles are you putting or marble Kota stone or mosaic? It is important to ask an architect. Kota stone is beneficial for summer but it will prove harmful in cold and rain. Similarly, tiles should also be thoughtfully placed.

Also if the floor in the northeast part of your house is about one foot lower than the west-facing floor and the southwest angle is one foot lower than the north the south south part of the house is the northeast. And lower than the west direction the house has a toilet about one and a half feet in the easteast of the house the house has stairs to the north-west direction to go up from outside besides the shop from inside the house.

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There are steps in the fiery angle for coming and going in front of which a gate in the west southwest is made to go inside the house then all these important Vastu defects can lead to terrible tragedies.

The tank located in the Agni kone will ruin If your house is in the east direction most people have an underground tank outside in the Agni kone of the houses where the water is stored. This is not correct according to Vastu. According to the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR If the tank boring or well is in a direction other than north or east then it will cause mental stress. This will develop negative energy in the house. There should be more open space in the east direction than in the west and in the north direction than in the south.