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Vastu for good health as per the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR

The word Vastu means to reside. The place of land where humans reside is called Vastu. And the best Vastu experts in Delhi say that Various rules related to home construction have been laid down in Vastu Shastra.
By following them man has many other benefits as well as health benefits.

Read below the rules of Vastu for good health as per the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR

Water location in the house -

The well or underground tank should be in the east-west north or northeast direction. The reservoir or vertical tank should be in the north or northeast direction. If there is a well in the south direction of the house then disease occurs. Age is decayed by having a well in the south direction.

Position of rooms in the house If one room is to the west and one room to the north then it is a fatal Vastu flaw. Similarly, if there is room in the east and north direction that could even lead to a loss of life. If there is room in the east and south direction then that is a problem. If there is room in the east-west and north directions but there is no room in the south then all kinds of diseases occur.

Interior of the house Snan Ghar in east kitchen in the fire bedroom south armory pamphlet house furnishings and elder brother or fathers room in naaritya toilets naaritya vayavya Or DakshinNairtya the place of food in West the granary and the animal house in Vyavya the Pujagrha in North or Ishaan the place of water in North or Ishaan. The collection of wealth should be in the North and the dance hall should be in the East-West Vayavya or Agnay.

Heavy household items should be kept in the south direction.

If husband and wife are sleeping in the northeast it is inevitable that disease will occur. Always head towards east or south and sleep. Sleeping head to the north or west causes diseases in the body and age is impaired.
Stool and urine should be discarded by facing north towards the day and south at night. The halfcc disease occurs due to the discharge of feces and urine facing east towards day and west towards night.
If the shadow of a tree temple etc falls on the house at the second and third times of the day it causes disease.
Two houses found on one wall are like homemakers like Yamraj.
The last house on a street is excruciating.
Follow all the above rules by the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR and feel the difference in your lives