How To Remove Vastu Defects From Stairs

How to Remove Vastu Defects from Stairs

There are stairs in almost every house. According to Vastu Shastra and as per the best Vastu experts in Delhi

stairs hold the power to make a family achieve the peak of happiness and career financial success. For this, it

is necessary that the staircase of the house should be made according to the Vastu rules and the tips suggested by

the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR

Vastu defects in the stairs may result in damage rather than progress. According to the law of Vastu,

Shastra stairs should be constructed from north to south or from east to west direction.

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Those who are constructing a ladder from the east direction should take care that the ladder is not attached to the

east direction wall. The house is free from Vastu defects due to the distance of the stairway at least three

inches from the eastern wall.

The south direction is good for the stairs. When there are stairs in this direction the house is headed for progress. According to Vastu Shastra stairs should not be built in the northeast.

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This causes economic loss loss of health problems in jobs and businesses. A Stairs in this direction is considered a symbol of decadence. Staircase in the southeast is also damaged according to Vastu. This causes fluctuations in children s health.

Those who live on the ground floor themselves and keep tenants on the upper floor should not build stairs in front

of the main gate. According to Vastu science and also the leading Vastu consultant in Delhi tenants keep improving

day by day and the problem of owners increases.

Remedies to remove the faults of steps

Make gates at the beginning and end of the steps.
Do not keep shoes and slippers in the house under the ladder.
Fill the earthen pot with rainwater and cover it with an earthen lid