Best Vastu Consultant In Delhi NCR On Directions

Best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR on Directions

One of the Best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR says that according to Hinduism, a deity of each direction has been appointed, which is called ‘Digbal’ i.e. the follower of the directions. Those guarding the directions.

There are 10 directions whose names and order are as follows – upward, northeast, east, igneous, south, south, west, south, north, and under. There is also a middle direction. There were 11 directions in total.

10 Digpals of 10 directions:

Brahma of Upadhava, Shiva and Isha of Ishaan, Indra of East, Agni or Vahri of Fire, Yama of South, Naruti of Nairitya, Varuna of West, Vayu, and Marut of North, Kubera of North and Adho of North Infinite.

1. Udharv direction:

The Best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR says that the God of upward direction is Brahma. This direction has the highest importance. The sky is god People who pray with an upward face affect their prayers. If you want to ask according to Vedan, then ask Brahm and the universe, not from anyone else. Seeking from him gives everything.

Vastu: The roof, balcony, light, window, and center of the house represent this direction. The sky element brings peace to our soul. Throwing stones, spitting, throwing water, shouting, or abusing in the direction of facing the sky is prohibited in this direction. The result is fatal.

2. North direction:

Where the east and north directions meet, the place is called Ishan direction. According to Vastu, this place in the house is called Ishan Kon. Ishan is also the name of Lord Shiva. Since Lord Shiva is in the north-east direction, this direction is called the northeast. The planet lord of this direction is considered Jupiter and Ketu.

According to Vastu: This part of the house, city, and body is the most sacred, so it should be kept clean and empty. Water is established here like a well, boring, Matka or drinking water place. Apart from this, this place can also be made a place of worship. It is prohibited to keep garbage, store, toilet, kitchen, etc., any heavy items of iron at this place. This leads to the destruction of wealth and wealth and misfortune.

3. East direction:

Ishan is followed by the east direction number. When the sun is in Uttarayana, it emits from the north, not from the east. The Gods of this direction are Indra and Swami Surya. The east direction signifies ancestral.

Vastu: There should be some open space and slope in the east direction of the house. The entire eastern area of the city and home should be clean and hygienic. You can keep a window, shaving, or door in the house. There should be no obstruction in this direction. This place should not have a room for seniors in the house and do not keep any heavy goods. Do not even build stairs here.

4. Agni direction:

The direction between south and east is called igneous direction. The lord of this direction is Agnidev. Venus is the lord of this direction.

Vastu: This direction in the house is a special place for keeping the kitchen or fire-related (electronic appliances etc.). The architecture of the igneous angle is essential for the best health of the residents. There should not be a bedroom or place of study at an igneous angle. There should not be a door to the house in this direction. This creates homecoming and also deteriorates the health of the residents.

5. South direction:

Lord Yamraj is the supreme deity of the south. Building according to the rules of Vastu in the south direction brings happiness, prosperity, and prosperity.

Vastu: According to Vastu, there should not be a main door in the south direction. Heavy household items should be kept in this direction. There should not be a door and window in this direction. This space should also not be kept empty. Keep heavy household items in this direction. If you have a house in the south part of the city, then try Vastu measures.

6. Southwest direction:

The location between the south and west direction is called the southwest. This direction is under the control of Nairit Dev. The lord of this direction is Rahu and Ketu.

Vastu:The Best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR  says that the Earth element is predominant in this direction, so this place should be kept high and heavy. There should not be a gate in the south direction. There should not be pits, boring, wells, etc. in this direction. What should happen in this direction, decide by asking an architect?

7. West direction:

God of West direction, Varuna is the deity and Saturn is the lord of this direction. This direction is a symbol of fame, fortune, and fame. The main door of the house should be in this direction.

Vastu: If there is a door in the west direction, then take the measures of Vastu. If there is a door, keep the door well decorated. Do not allow any cracks on the walls around the door and keep its color dark. There should be no bathroom, toilet, bedroom to the west of the house. This place can be neither open nor closed too much.

8. Aerial direction:

The location of the aerial direction is in the middle of the north and west direction. The god of this direction is the wind god and in this direction, the element of air remains.

Vastu: This directly affects your relationships with neighbors, friends, and relatives. According to Vastu’s knowledge, good and good relations can be made with them. There should be no obstruction in this direction. Keep the location of this direct light. Make this direction beautiful with windows, doors, bells, water, trees, and plants.

9. North direction:

Ravana’s brother Kubera is the ruler of the North direction. Kubera is also called the god of wealth. Mercury is the lord of the north direction. North direction is also known as Mother Place.

Vastu: If the main door of the house is in the north and north direction then it is very good. In this direction, keeping the space vacant or leaving raw land is wealth and enrichment. In this direction, toilets, kitchens to be built, garbage and garbage, and keeping this direction dirty, destroy wealth and create misfortune.

10. Adho Disha:

The God of Adho’s direction is Sheshnag, also called Anant. Vastu Shanti of the earth is done before the construction of the house. Good energy earth should be selected. The basement of the house, secret passages, wells, hounds, etc. represent this direction.

Vastu: If the soil inside the soil is yellow, it is very good and lucky. The land at your home should be clean. All the sufferings of those who live on such land, which is high in the east direction and igneous angle and sunken in the east and west angle, as you keep going away.

According to the Varaha Purana, the story of the origin of the Digpals is as follows –

When Brahma was contemplating the idea of creation, at that time 10 girls were born out of his ear, 6 were major and the rest 4 were minor. Read the directions as per the Best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR:

1. Purva: This is called the east direction.
2. Agnayi: What is called the igneous direction.
3. Dakshina: This is called the south direction.
4. Nairuti: What was called the Nairatya direction.
5. Paschima: What is called the west direction.
6. vayavya: Which is called the direction of air.
7. North: Which is called the north direction.
8. Aishani: What is called Ishaan direction.
9. Udharve: Which is called upward direction.
10.Adhika: What was called Adhishti Disha.

Those girls bowed to Brahma and requested him to stay and have suitable husbands. Brahma said- ‘You can go the way you want to go. Soon I will give you a corresponding husband as well. [ Best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR ]

Mythology says that those girls departed towards 1-1 direction.

The names of these Digpals are mentioned in the Puranas by the order of directions-Lokpal Digpalas

1) Indra of the East
2) Southeast Agni
3) Yama of the South
4) Southwest Sun
5) Varuna of the West
6) Northwest Wind
7) North of Kubera
8) Mon of North-East.