4 Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Money Plant

4 advantages and disadvantages of a money plant

4 advantages and disadvantages of a money plant

Nowadays the practice of setting up a money plant is in every household. You will be shocked to know the 4 benefits and 4 disadvantages of setting up a money plant.

4 benefits of this
1. Wealth and prosperity: It is believed that wealth and prosperity increase by living in this house of the vine. According to the belief, the amount of money this plant expands increases.

2. Plant in an Agni Kone: The igneous direction is the most appropriate direction to plant in a Moneyplant plant. This will remove the impurities of the Agni Kone and will develop positivity in the house. Planting this plant in this direction also gives positive energy benefits.

3. The planet Venus is strong: The reason for placing the money plant in the direction of Agneya i.e. south-east is that the God of this direction is Ganesha while the representative is Venus.

Ganesha is the destroyer of amangal while Venus brings happiness and prosperity. Not only this but the planet Venus has been considered to be the cause of Bell and Lata. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to place the money plant in an igneous direction.

4. Raw land: If there is no raw land in the house, then it is necessary to set up a money plant. In today's era, houses are completely sealed from the inside. Therefore Venus is not established in the house, because Venus is the factor of raw land. Therefore, if there is no raw land anywhere in the house, then planting a money plant is a good fruit factor.

Its 4 disadvantages

1. Selection of proper direction: According to Vastu Shastra, if this plant is not planted in the right direction in the house, then it may have to suffer financial loss. Money plants should never be placed in the northeast direction. This direction is considered the most negative for this, because Deoguru, the representative of the northeast, is considered to be Jupiter, and Venus and Jupiter have a hostile relationship. Therefore, this plant related to Venus is in the northeast.

2. Effect on nerves: It is also prevalent superstition that money plant affects our veins. If it is developing in a proper upward direction then good otherwise harmful.

3. Do not give this plant to others: It is said that if a person gives money plant of his house to someone else to grow, then Lakshmi or Barkat of his house goes away.

4. Keep appropriate plants near him: It is said that the money plant is the plant of Venus, therefore, one should not plant plants of Venus's enemy planets. Such as the plants of Mars, Moon, and Sun.