Vaastu For Twin Houses

Vaastu for Twin Houses

Some people prefer to live in a flat. Nowadays in housing schemes, several group houses or duplex buildings are in operation. Two or more residential buildings are built by colonizers in the same plot.

Tubewells, septic tanks, underground water tanks, boundary walls, etc. are shared for all buildings of this plot. Those buying twin buildings have to suffer losses due to inconveniences caused by common things. Let’s know Vastu, Vastu Dosha, and Vastu Dosha prevention in twin houses located in different directions from the best Vastu consultant in Delhi:

Vastu defects in east-oriented twin houses:

The main gate of the building gives auspicious results.

The underground water tank of the building being in an igneous angle provides in-auspiciousness.

If the septic tank is in the southwest corner of the building, it also gives inauspicious results.

If the kitchen of the building is in the north direction then it also gives inauspicious results.

It is auspicious to have a children’s room in the eastern corner of the building.

If the bedroom in the building is at a horizontal angle, then this building will provide auspicious results for those people whose work tendency is to travel mostly.

If the building owner’s work is not like this then it will give inauspicious results.