Vastu Shastra Tips

Vastu shastra tips

Vastu shastra tips: Broken utensils kept in the kitchen can spoil your luck


There are some people who have to struggle a lot to earn bread two times, while there are some people who have Raj Yoga in their luck. Although there are ups and downs in everyone’s life, there are some who invite problems themselves.


Because of their small mistakes, they make their life hell. Yes, here we are talking about Vastu defects. One such Vastu defect that we often overlook knowingly or unknowingly.


Do you know that even the utensils kept in the kitchen spoil our luck? If not, then let us give you detailed information related to this.


Always eat like this


Food is considered a goddess in India, so before eating food, we should wash our hands and feet thoroughly. After this one should take food only after praying to God for happiness and prosperity. According to Vastu Shastra, eating after washing hands and feet increases the age of a person.


Never eat in broken utensils


Often there are some utensils in our kitchen in which there is a crack or they are broken. In Vastu Shastra, eating food in such utensils is considered very inauspicious. It is believed that eating in such a vessel weakens luck, as well as Goddess Lakshmi, gets angry.


There is a shortage of money, the peace of the house is disturbed and there is always discord.


Apart from this, human health is also affected. If there are broken utensils in the kitchen of your house, then you should remove them today.


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