Worship Lord Ganesha To Remove Vastu Defects

Worship Lord Ganesha to remove Vastu defects

Worship Lord Ganesha to remove Vastu defects

 Worship Shri Ganesh for the satisfaction of Vastu Devta. Brahmaji composed the rules of Vastushastra on the prayer of Vastu Purush. By ignoring them, the physical, mental, financial loss of the user is certain. The satisfaction of the Vastu Devta is unthinkable without worshiping Ganesha.

There is no doubt in pacifying the Vastu defects by worshiping Ganapati. The worship of regular Ganesha is very unlikely to cause Vastu defects.If a statue or picture of Ekadanta has been placed on the main door of the house, then the back of both Ganesha should be found at exactly the same place on the other side, in this way, the installation of the second statue or picture reduces the architectural defects.

On the part of the building where there is a Vastu Dosh, the effect of Vastu Dosh is reduced by making ghee mixed with vermilion on the swastika wall. An image or image of Vakratund can be placed in any part of the house or workplace. But it must be kept in mind that in any case, they should not be facing south or south-west. For those who want happiness, peace, and prosperity, a statue of Vinayak in white color should be painted.

The worship of Sindori color Ganpati is favorable for all those who wish for Mars. In the statue or picture of Vighnaharta, the trunk of his left hand and the trunk are rotated, this should be kept in mind. Ganesha with a trunk rotating on the right-hand side is obstinate and his worship is difficult. They delight in the late devotees. Modak and his vehicle idol are very popular for Mangal Murthy. So while drawing the picture, keep in mind that the picture must have modak or laddu and a rat.

A picture of Ganesha while sitting at home and Ganapathi standing at the workplace should be put on, but keep in mind that both feet of Ganesha standing are touching the ground. This is expected to bring stability to the work. It is auspicious to place a statue or picture of a pleaser in the Brahma place of the building i.e. in the center, in the north and east direction. But one should not put Ganeshji's picture on the toilet or in a place where people have to stop spitting etc. This would be an insult to Ganesha's portrait.